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Anti-Intellectualism in Schools

I’m not sure if that’s a word, but you know what I mean.

No I don’t.

Ok. So here’s what I mean by that… People don’t like people who are smarter than them.

Oh no. Egotistic again. But wait for me to get things in perspective first. Today, my Speech & Debate teacher was going over American government to help understand policy making. He asked if congress could abolish laws. One student said “Yes, if they have a three-fourths vote!”

Where the Hell did that come from again? Ignorance.

But hey, if a student says that, people laugh. However, if they simply don’t understand it, you get insulted.

Today, the teacher was showing us where Sub-Saharan Africa is. The teacher was pointing out that to say that Sub-Saharan Africa is “below” the Sahara is wrong, because you could just as easily draw the map upside down. I don’t think he meant it that way, but I said “That would be politically correct!”

I know of one person in the class who understood the joke, but here goes my explaining…

Politically correct academics think that the connotation of putting maps with the north pole at the top is pro-white supremacy because the United States, and the UK, and Canada, and Europe and all that jazz are up there, and Africa, and South America are below them. I don’t agree necessarily. I agree that the map could be either way, but I don’t really think that putting the North pole at the top really does squat. For the record, I hate political correctness, but that’s not the point.

What happened when the class didn’t understand the joke is they started insulting me… as usual.

It really is a kind of living Hell, being stuck in a place that supports anti-intellectualism.

And that’s what I wanted to complain about and I’ve got nothing else to say. Have a splendid evening, day, what have you.