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I Ask Jesus to Come to Me

“Please Prove Me Wrong” says “Dawkinswatch“.

So far, Dawkinswatch has been demonstrating ignorance of evolution, and claiming that Richard Dawkins is a communist (I don’t know if he ever backed up this claim) and a closeted New Ager.

I reckon that most of these claims don’t really need refutation, but the invitation to ask God to come to me was tempting. I don’t have loads of friends, and I do imagine it would be very comforting. Most importantly, I wouldn’t mind being immortal and having eternal life.


And I didn’t achieve squat. Not a voice, not a feeling of love, not even a presence. Maybe I’m just not as likely to have the psychological conditions for a revelation? Perhaps I’m not sleep deprived enough?

Doubt that Dawkinswatch will be satisfied…

And sorry if the Tchaikovsky wasn’t loud enough to hear…