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Life and Social Life

Very rarely on this blog will my viewers (what viewers?) see me talk about my social life.

I simply have little interest in having a social life anymore. All the little dramas that happen really just made me depressed and wasted my time when I bothered myself with them in middle school. Besides, if I were part of a clique, or a group, I wouldn’t get to be an individual. I’d have to conform. I’d have to talk about what they talk about. I’d have to do what they like to do. The issue is, I really hate doing a lot of the stuff they like doing.

I don’t do drugs, I hate shopping for clothes, I don’t listen to music, and when I talk, I talk about current events or philosophy. They talk about each other, and use language to turn everyone against each other.

So what do I do with my social life? Sadly (not in my opinion) enough, it wouldn’t be too far off to say that my social life is confined by my computer. I use it to stay in touch with the one person from my school I trust enough to call a friend, and the handful of other people who I don’t talk to at all in real life but who I trust enough to talk to about the occasional problem. Most of the time when I’m feeling socially deprived, I go on an Atheist chat room where I enjoy talking frankly and openly without worrying about pissing people off with my Atheism…

And you know what? I’m happy.

I don’t have to worry s’much about betrayals, break ups, or irksome jazz like that. I just stay out of that stuff.

On top of that, I have the whole world to explore and learn about. I have books to read. Places to go. Even if I have no social life, that doesn’t mean that I have no life. In fact, I think I enjoy life much much more than people who have social lives.

Some people still think I live a sad life.

Today in that little Atheist chat room I go to, some jerk came in and told us we were computer addicts. That we have no lives. He asked us why we don’t talk to other human beings (I responded by saying there’s only a handful of people I know who I’m not embarassed to call human). The part that really offended me, however was being told “enjoy your pixelized lifeless life.”

Lifeless life.

As my good buddy, Thrawn, pointed out, that’s an oxymoron, but aside from that…

It’s not that I actually believe that, but that is a serious accusation for someone who realizes just how extraordinarily lucky they are to be alive. People who have lifeless lives, in my opinion, are those legions of students in high school who talk about nothing but their social lives.

Hello! There’s a whole other world out there. There are other things to worry about besides who’s dating your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. You’re only here for a short time, so instead of plotting revenge, why don’t you try shedding a bit of light on the world?

Granted, yes. I’d enjoy my lunch much more if I had somebody to talk to over it, but unfortunately there’s nobody who isn’t less shallow than a puddle formed after a short drizzle.

Why explore that puddle, when you have an ocean of knowledge that you can only swim in for 70 or 80 years?

If I want to just hang out, I have people I can go to to talk to about superficial, yet amusing things. If I want an intellectual discussion, I go to the Atheist chat room because there’s nowhere else to go.

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t talk about superficial, yet amusing things. I do enjoy it sometimes… but most of the time, I want to talk about things of importance, and that’s why I live in that chat room. I consider exploring the universe through intelligent discussions and books much more fulfilling than going partying like Paris Hilton. I’m not saying you should feel the same way, but I’m sorry that’s just the way I feel about it.

What do you think?

Er… Maybe I should fix that…

Are you capable of thinking?