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Again. Evidence.

Today I received the following comment on my last entry:

“When I was looking at the trailer, the question that struck me is, “How smart do you have to be to design a universe?” Is it possible that someone or something is even smarter. (Not to be confused with America’s most smartest model.)

The theory that everything was design doesn’t tell us how or why,and really not who. Without those answers, I’m not sure what the value of theory is. Creationism tries to answers those questions but it’s really all on faith. In fact, it all may simply be made up by relatively primative people.

Science on the other hand often acts like a religion and resists challenges to a lot of basic doctorine. Today, it tends to go where the research money is. Try discussing global warming sometime. It’s treated as hierarchy if you don’t tow the party line. Science by consensus is not science. How many times has the lone dissenter been right?”

To Steve:

The first part of that was appreciated. However, I’d like to talk a bit about why science is not a religion.

There are too many lone dissenters in history to count exactly how many time they’ve been wrong or right. You can come up with dozens of examples of when the general consensus was wrong and the lone dissenter was right, and you can come up with dozens of examples when the general consensus was correct, and the lone dissenter is still considered a nut case. Galileo can be considered a lone dissenter, and so can Darwin… as can people who believe in aliens. The difference between them, and revolutionary scientists like Galileo is… EVIDENCE!

I’d also like to point out that dissenters whose ideas are accepted today were dissenters in a time when the scientific method was not what it is now. Back then, and in Creationism today, Bible quotes were used as evidence. The Great Flood was considered an actual historic event… until contradictory evidence was brought up.

That’s the difference between science and religion.Science Vs. Religion