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Celebrity News Isn’t

When I wake up in the morning, my brain is like Spirit or Opportunity landing on Mars. Once the airbags of sleep deflate, my brain has to slowly, and mechanically unpack itself. Gears grind and motors run as panels open, things unfold, communications are attempted with the control center…

And so a few days ago, as my brain was going through this slow proccess, I stared blankly at a wall and listened passively to the television that was on in mum’s room which happened to have the morning news. I vaguely remember hearing something about Clinton and Obama, and I vaguely remember hearing about other stuff… But I am ashamed to admit that what I remember most from that morning broadcast was that… Brittany Spears was in the hospital again. Suddenly, I straightened my back and perked up.

Why was this on my local news? Haven’t they got better things to report on other than the personal problems of fallen pop stars?

I don’t even know if her name is spelled with an E… or two T’s… and I don’t care. I don’t want to know that she’s losing her mind, and I don’t see why anybody else would.

It’s not that I don’t care. Well, like I said, I don’t want to know, but I do feel an extreme, profound pity for Ms. Spears. I am embarassed to say that I know what I’m about to say, but she’s obviously had a viscious break up with this Kevin Federline guy (I’m proud to say that I don’t know what he’s done to become so famous), she’s lost her popularity, she’s lost her kids… and she’s losing her mind.

I don’t actively seek this information. I just know it because our society is so obsessed with celebrities, that even intellectual news organizations like NPR mentioned it (though in their defense, that’s because they were talking about a ballet that opened up in London about her life).

If this were happening to me, the least I would want would be some privacy. If I couldn’t have that I would want some sympathy… but we don’t even give that to her. Oh no…

Brittany Spears’ very name is a joke in itself now.

So why can’t we lay the hell off her personal problems? Why do we even give a damn?

Is it just this whole idea of hierarchy? I’m up here, Brittany’s down at the bottom, so that I can feel better about my shortcomings. All that Brittany Spears should really be known for is her music, but we know her for going mad… and I think, that to quite a great extent, it’s our fault that she’s losing her mind. Us and our oh-so-high expectations and constant attempts to erode away her privacy. Fame just wears people out.

But still… why?

Brittany is just a pop star… a fallen pop star… who has had some bad issues with her personal life.

Celebrity news isn’t.