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Oh goodness, I love the irony here. I just love it.

I’m not going to be taking this as an opportunity to bash the arguments of creationists cdesign proponentists ID proponents, but just to remark at how ironic and hypocritical this whole event has been, and how lamentable it is that I wasn’t able to get to the Minnesota American Atheists convention.

First, the makers of Expelled! obtain footage from Richard Dawkins through highly questionable means.

For months, the makers of Expelled! only let people who won’t write negative reviews to see their screenings.

Then, when they finally allow for a public screening, PZ Myers brings his family along. PZ gets kicked out, Richard Dawkins gets in, and asks a question during the Q&A session, with testimony from a theist who was obviously confused about what was actually going on.

Oh, what irony! Reading all this news went wonderfully with the cup of tea I had just made.

But the most astonishing meaningless coincidence of it all…

The night before I had a dream about Ben Stein!

If you’re curious, it involved him dressed in a leotard, panty hose, and high heels and with a very gargantuan ass. Alright, that sounds very wrong…

Of course, that’s just a meaningless coincidence. But, I don’t know which situation would leave Ben Stein more embarrassed. The panty hose, or being exposed as the hypocrite that he is.

I’m going to call this whole laughable ordeal an…