MSCD Paranormal Challenge

I am helping the Metro-State Atheists at the Metropolitan State College of Denver in their latest venture… drum roll… the MSCD Paranormal Challenge. My role in this is a bit unclear for now, but I’m helping them recruit people to take the MSCD Paranormal Challenge and possibly to conduct the testing if/when recruits are found. If you, or someone you know, believe you have an exciting phenomenon previously undocumented by science, please apply. There is no prize involved as of yet, but the winner would probably shake the foundations of science and win a Nobel Prize anyway.

Goals of the MSCD Paranormal Challenge

The Metro-State Atheistsat Metropolitan State College of Denver is issuing a challenge to anyone who claims to have some paranormal or supernatural ability or skill. The challenge is to subject their claims to rigorous scientific investigation in a public forum. If such a claim is verified it will reveal the existence of a phenomena previously unrecognized, unknown, and unaccounted for by current scientific understanding. A phenomenon which has already been acknowledged by the scientific community but that has yet to be explained or understood does meet the criteria for this challenge. The claim must be one which has never been reasonable observed, characterized, and can not be explained by modern scientific understanding.

Our first goal in issuing this challenge is to teach people about the basic principles and philosophies of science and scientific investigation. By subjecting claims to skeptical and critical analysis in a public venue we hope to demonstrate the power and validity of the scientific method in acquiring knowledge about our reality. In today’s society a general mistrust of science has been brewing, especially in the context of pseudoscience, creationism, and relativism. Much of this is do to a misunderstanding or ignorance of basic scientific principles and the investigatory process itself. We believe that our demonstrations will give others the opportunity to see the scientific method as we do; an honest, passionate, and critical endeavor for truth.

Our second goal is to teach others about basic scientific laws and theories such as thermodynamics and evolution. Claims of the paranormal or supernatural nature are often accepted on the basis of misunderstandings about scientific laws and theories, which, on occasion, are intentionally warped by the claimant for their own personal gain. If a claim is investigated and shown to be false, it gives us the opportunity to discuss why the investigation may have failed to produce positive results, and why we designed our experimental protocols the way we did. Should the claim turn out to be a novel phenomenon that can not be explained by science it would further humanity’s understanding of the universe and potential bring about a paradigm shift in our perception and grasp of reality.

Just to get one thing clear, I am not the one running the MSCD Paranormal Challenge, I am one of the ones helping out on it. You can contact me and I can get you through to the right people, but it really will be faster and better if you contact them:


Phone: 303-916-2318


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