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  2. Posted by Allison Byrd on May 9, 2008 at 11:00 pm

    Hi, Lucia,

    You came to my attention through a CFI email I received today containing your essay about your experience attending a CFI conference and subsequently starting a freethough group at your high school. I, like Richard Dawkins, am very impressed! I wish something like that had been around when I was in high school, growing up in the buckle of the bible belt. I grew up as an atheist, but didn’t really find a great group of like-minded people with whom to socialize until I was in my mid-30’s. (I’m an old lady of 40 now!) It’s so important to have that kind of intellectual stimulation and friendship, and you are creating that for your fellow students who can appreciate it. I applaud you!

    If you’re ever in the Atlanta, Georgia area, please give me a call. I’ll call my freethought-oriented friends in the Fellowship of Reason (, and we can gather at a local pub (Manuel’s is a favorite for us freethought types) to raise a glass to you and your pioneering spirit!

    Best of luck to you, though, with your talent (and wonderful writing skills, I might add), I doubt you’ll need much luck to realize great things. 😉

    Allison Byrd
    410 Roswell Farms Road
    Roswell, GA 30075
    (404) 372-4089

  3. Posted by Jim Hanley on May 10, 2008 at 1:27 am

    Hello Lucia Guatney;
    Good luck promoting your “Freethought Group”.
    Heres an interesting book you might want to distribute:
    —————–Maybe Yes, Maybe No:
    ——– A Guide for Young Skeptics (Paperback)
    ——————–by Dan Barker
    ——————————————————– ——————-THE UNIVERSE
    Mass/energy never disappear ever were ever here!
    With nothing to ‘create’, a “so-called “Creator-God” is an impossible superfluous nonentity! J.H. © 5/8/07

    ———–AN ENSLAVING FORCE J.H.© 2/8/08
    Few people realize the extent of the reach, influence and overwhelming power of religion! Nor do many people have any idea as to the enormity of the Vatican’s financial resources! Very likely, the Vatican is the wealthiest entity by a factor of 100 that the world has ever seen. And its tax-free status, weekly and “willed” donations of millions, when added to income from all its many worldwide investments, positions those who control that fabulous bottomless pool of wealth as the world’s most influential lobbyist or purchaser! This may be one of the reasons the Pledge of Allegiance was plagiarized and altered from “one nation indivisible” to the bigoted “one nation (divided) under God.” And why 100 senators disgraced our country and themselves by reciting the religious pledge on the steps of the senate and before television beamed to the entire world! The time has come to discredit the outrageous assertions by the Ponzi-racketeering charlatans who promote the plague-like mind destroying disease religion that survives by warping the minds of innocent children and fools, robbing them of their candy and toy money, and enslaving them to a life as shills who help perpetuate the criminal religion schemes. “Secular humanists,” “non-believers” and other sane and rational people know that no proof survives the fairytales of a magician named Jesus or his magic miracles, nor is there any proof whatsoever that there is or ever was a supreme creator God! Yet this and other lies are used to perpetuate their rotten scheme religion. People who live in the “real” world refuse to accept silly lies, fairy tales and farce as fact, whether it be about “Santa Claus” “The Tooth Fairy,” “Donald Duck,” a “Jesus” or a “Creator God.” Nor should they be lumped with or considered analogous with a gang of thieving, lying, mind-warping pedophiles who use a how-to manual of pornography, pillorying, stoning to death and other forms of outright bigotry, for their weekly stimulus to more proselytizing. The senators who said that fallacious rendition of our once great Pledge of Allegiance shall be remembered as the promoters of a criminal enterprise and the abettors or cohorts of a bunch of thieving slavers who invade every phase of society with their lying assertions that “our country was founded as a Christian nation.
    Their plagiarism of our once great Pledge of Allegiance, their repeated attempts to force their “Godism” on all schoolchildren, and their ever increasing use of all forms of media and gimmicks to mesmerize, indoctrinate and bludgeon American people with their outrageous, endless efforts to dominate us all with a “Theocratic” form of government renders them heinous felonious criminals!
    And the likes of George W. Bush and his ilk, including Ilinois Governor Rod Blagojevich by giving millions of dollars to faith-based groups, are bidding them “Godspeed” with our hard earned tax money!
    Beginning is never found but keep an ear to the ground. Accept the word of a friend there’s no beginning or end.
    Religion’s pollution is no solution for Darwin’s Evolution. Natures origin for instance is ceaselessness Existence. The worst form of child abuse is warping of the mind! J.H. © 8/29/06
    ———————-Ciao, Jim Hanley

  4. Posted by Andrew O. Lutes on May 10, 2008 at 1:49 am

    Freethinkers should promote sexual abstinence as much as religious believers, simply for reasons of personal excellence. Totally apart from issues of disease and pregnancy is the regard for how people will relate to you. Boys talk, it is well known. Will a young woman be taken seriously for her intellect, or will she be seen as a place to dump semen? Marriage apart from religion is a legal partnership, and for reasons of legal protection sexual activity should be confined to that.

  5. Andrew,

    Why should freethinkers care about other people’s sex lives? Are we going to start making laws against sex outside of marriage? Why should the government regulate other people’s sex lives?

  6. Andrew,

    I think you need to get laid.

  7. As a bit of a late afterthought, I find it interesting how you single out women in your example of how promiscuity can ruin reputations. I do hope that you’re not holding women to a double standard. Girls talk, therefore men might not be valued for their intellect if they’re viewed as things that dump semen.

  8. yea, thats right

  9. Excellent blog, for sure one of the best I have ever seen.

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  11. I am a recently converted atheist. Only today, i found your blog while doing research for my current book, “Supernatural Hypocrisy: The Cognitive Dissonance of a God Cosmology.” I was quite impressed by your brilliance. Age doesn’t have to know boundaries, now does it?

    I commend you on your intellectual honesty, and hope that you will allow me to reference you, your site and any content i might feel would be helpful in the book i am writing now.

    BTW, quite a coup to have Richard Dawkins drop you a note! I have high regard for that man.

    Let me know your thoughts–and please–keep up the good work!!
    Warm Regards,

  12. Posted by Free thinker on September 17, 2010 at 5:24 am

    About Rainbow Eagle. There are a few things you don’t know. He has been given the gift of contact. When he was given the role as peace shield teacher he began a new life and now experiences prophecy at nite when he sleeps. He sees thing things.

    I guess you had to be there.

    Consider a vision quest.


  13. Posted by Jim Hanley on May 25, 2011 at 11:30 pm

    Thank you for POSTING “An Enslaving Force” which was first published in Daytona Beach “Hometown News”.

    It is an excerpt from my struggle to produce a Book-Length Manuscript that will provide a much deeper expose’ of the
    Crime, and the Criminals involved in the conspiracies that
    work to destroy an important part of peoples brains which is
    a means by which children and fools develop “Inferiority-Complex” and become robotic toady slaves for life to the PONZI-like thieves!

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