Facebook Friend Stats and Gender Ratios of Skeptics

Only a cold-hearted scientist can take their friends and turn them into numbers. Courtesy of the Friend Facts Facebook app, I have the following statistics regarding my Facebook friends:

Gender breakdown: 33% female / 67% male
Relationship status: 57% single / 43% taken
Political breakdown: 97% democrats / 3% republicans
Geographic distribution: 12 countries, 24 states
Most common zodiac sign: Aries (20 friends)
Favorite music: Pink Floyd (16 friends)
Favorite TV show: House (17 friends)
Favorite movie: Fight Club (12 friends)
Favorite book: The God Delusion (21 friends)
Favorite activity: Reading (23 friends)

Now, my Facebook friends are pretty much entirely comprised of skeptical people because they come seeking me because I’m mildly Internet-“famous”. Of course, these are mostly skeptics who like me (there are some who don’t) so it’s biased in that way, but humor me for a little bit.

I’m unsurprised but highly amused by the most common activity, book, and TV show. I’m mildly surprised by the political distribution although I’d have suspected it. However, since this app does not take into account the Libertarians I must be friends with, I’m going to go ahead and assume I generally only piss off the socially conservative of the fiscally conservative population.

But I suspected all along that you shifty Aries were more disposed towards skepticism of astrology!

What’s really bothering me, though, is the gender ratio. From what I’ve heard, TAM 7 (or was it 6? I’ve forgotten already) also had a similar ratio. Most skeptics were saying that was only because women aren’t as inclined towards going to conferences and that outside of the conference the ratio was more balanced, but I didn’t meet all these people at TAM.

Seeing that I’m a blogger, however, perhaps it is true that the number of skeptics in general has a balanced gender ratio but women are less interested in skeptical activism.

But, of course, this is just my Facebook and I’m but one person. I can only speculate a little.

Now, this isn’t very scientific, but I’m just a little bit curious. I’d like anybody reading this with a Facebook to use this app and post your stats in the comments.

7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Tzivya on September 29, 2009 at 9:03 am

    It’d be interesting to know how many of the gender breakdown are trans, or what percentage of trans people are skeptics. I think it could go either way; as a population, we’re very vulnerable to quackery that will make us transition better/look more femine/masculine, etc. Conversely, we also have a lot of evidence based medicine on our side with HRT, SRS, and so on.

  2. Gender breakdown: 54% female / 46% male
    Relationship status: 82% single / 18% taken
    Political breakdown: 66% democrats / 34% republicans
    Geographic distribution: 4 countries, 12 states
    Most common zodiac sign: Pisces (33 friends)
    Favorite music: Coldplay (25 friends)
    Favorite TV show: House (25 friends)
    Favorite movie: Fight Club (13 friends)
    Favorite book: Harry Potter (15 friends)
    Favorite activity: Soccer (15 friends)

  3. Posted by wazza on October 7, 2009 at 12:14 am

    Hmm… just yesterday in my politics tutorial our lecturer told us that they’d always thought girls were less likely to get involved because of the big scary male lecturers, but now that there were female lecturers like her the guys still tended to dominate discussion… perhaps similar traits are responsible. But is it cultural or inherent?

  4. Posted by Tony on March 22, 2010 at 10:28 am

    What’s this app called?

  5. Cool insights, nice app. There’s another app called Facebook Friends & Profile Statistics (see apps.facebook.com/statistics), which gives you many other stats as well, worth checking out.

  6. For more Facebook Friend Statistics check https://apps.facebook.com/statistics

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