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The JREF: It’s Back!

The JREF’s YouTube account is back. 🙂

Still have no idea what happened, but I imagine if you keep an eye on Phil’s Twitter account and the JREF’s Twitter account we’ll find out soon enough.


Good to hear from Randi that it was not a malicious vote-botting attack or a false DMCA after all.


I Wrote a Poem!

So, for an extra-credit assignment after reading Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in my humanities class, we were told to write something in the style of Chaucer, couplets and all. After showing it to the Atheist Blogger he told me that he loved it and to put it on my blog…so I am.

Oh, and I totally stole the character name of Mary Malone from His Dark Materials because I’m just that uncreative.

And, after you’re done reading, you might want to check out the segment with me on the new Mindcore podcast. You know you want to because Rodrigo is awesome and I once cited him in a paper I wrote for world history. Continue reading