In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve gotten a rather frequent commenter on my posts. This was brought about by me commenting on one of her blog posts and expressing a dissenting view.

These have been posted publicly on the Internet. I therefore have the right to repost them.

Enjoy reading them.

And I never said it’s ok to be stupid!! I’m saying that Bella knows that she is being stupid by being with him since he’s so dangerous. That doesn’t mean she ACTS stupidly! Honestly, “Elles,” you should reread what you wrote and look at how ridiculous it sounds. It really does sound stupid.


I wonder if any lesbians read the book and voted for “Team Jessica”.


Cassie’s not a troll. I’m just quoting her because she’s awesome.

Whoa whoa whoa… you’re saying that there is no God???? Wow. Ok now I’m mad at you for TWO MAJOR THINGS!!!!!!! How dare you??? There IS a God and he is AWESOME!! He created everything. He sent His own Son to die for our sins!!!! And there is also a TON of evidence that there is a God. It’s called the HOLY BIBLE!!! You should read it sometime.


It would also seem that God created H2G2 to test our faith by providing us with information on logical fallacies.

Ok, well God created the Word, and the Word was life. That comes from the Bible. And if you’re going to start stepping on my beliefs, then you better shut up because… oh I will get pissed like none other!!!


I admitted I had been a tad bitchy with her after telling her that she should use her brain.

You do come off b****y.


My favourite bit was what she said before that.

But I will get PISSED so SHUT UP!!


Well, I, unlike some people, never tell anybody to “shut up” whenever they say something I don’t like. I use well-reasoned arguments to refute things which I disagree with. I’ll slip in some snark ocasionally, but in the end I don’t truly hate anybody just for disagreeing with me.

I believe that expressing dissenting opinions is essential for exercising our free speech. Playing Bill O’Reilly on my blog, though, is a bit different from free speech.

Abby will go on comment moderation until she learns to express her disagreement in a more rational, civilized manner. If she still fails to do this I’ll simply put her on the ‘blacklist’ and she’ll go directly to the spam filter.

In the meantime, I recommend she reads this post.

Update: Abby, yet again you have failed to make a comment that contains any intelligence and it has been deleted. Two more times and I’m routing your comments directly into the spam filter.

Really, if you want people to think of you as an unintelligent, immature brat I’d be happy to keep approving your comments, but for your sake I’m going to keep deleting them.


11 responses to this post.

  1. I wonder which is more AWESOME, God or Twilight? Who’s hotter, Jesus or Edward?

    By the way, I’ve tried commenting a few times over on Teen Skepchick, but for some reason I’m unable to sign in with my usual WordPress password, and it won’t let me create a new account either (it’s unclear to me whether I’m supposed to have an account specifically for the Skepchick site or whether my regular WordPress account should work). Is there something I’m missing?

  2. Skepchick’s a separate site using WP software. You need a separate account.

  3. MuseSusan:
    I think that should be the Bible or Twilight, followed by Jesus or Edward. That keeps it to apples vs. apples, followed by oranges vs. oranges. Granted, I’d be voting for the Hitchhiker’s Guide and Marvin, myself.

    @ Elles:
    When I read her comment calling you an “old lady” (possibly in all CAPS], I almost spit my coffee onto my monitor. Is there an internet term for EPIC FAIL + PWND? If not, there needs to be so we can apply it to commenters like Abby in cases like this.

  4. Oh c’mon, you should keep letting her to comment. It is more entertaining! What is so fun about not letting these kinds of people in. ^_^

  5. Wow. Just….wow.

    And I’d loooove to see that “ton of evidence.” I do not think that word means what you think it means.

  6. Elles-

    Will you please stop bashing me? I would also really appreciate it if you would please stop calling me stupid and using me in your blog posts. It’s really beginning to suck. You don’t even know me. And yes, I said things about you too. And I don’t know you either. So I’m sorry for the things I said to you. Do you know how much some things hurt? I happen to love Twilight. And you just ruined that. Because now every time I talk about it with my friends all that comes up is you. And it’s not pretty. (Not saying you’re ugly, just saying that it’s not pleasant.) So anyway, I would very much appreciate an apology from you too.

  7. Well, the only reason I used you in the blog post is because I’ve been starting to consider imposing comment-quality standards. You’ll notice that your comments were basically 99% insults thrown at me, so you’ll understand that it was only fair that I threw a few insults at you.

    I didn’t mean to ruin Twilight for you. As you’ll notice I said in my fancy smanshy Teen Skepchick post for it, I don’t see a problem with people reading it as long as they consider its implications critically.

    As for why your friends bring me up every time you talk about it, well… I can’t help that. I don’t know your friends.

    All I can say is perhaps next time you’ll go about expressing your opinion in a different, less angry manner. I don’t believe in karma, but actions have reactions.

  8. It’s not like I want to live my life by Twilight. And I know I’m utterly obsessed, but it’s not like I follow what Twilight says like it’s my bible. I know there are many odd things, such as the Jacob/Renesmee Quil/Claire thing. That was kinda weird… *shiver* And it’s funny that I just got your comment now because currently I am involved in a very intense text-conversation with my friend and I got mad at her for something stupid and now she’s pissed at me and I feel totally stupid because I just screwed up our friendship and I am freaking out. So yes, when something tweaks me, I blow up (as you noticed). That’s why I commented in such an angry manner.

  9. Well, we’re all human in the end. 🙂

  10. Yepp… (no matter how much I might want to be a vampire) Hehe. :/

  11. I have a Bible – it weighs a couple pounds. I have read the whole thing. It is evidence of the fact that a collection of pre-scientific manuscripts were gathered over hundreds of years, and then published in a compendium called the Bible.

    Much later we found out that blood circulates, the Earth goes round the Sun, and we share a common ancestor with other primates. Now that’s AWESOME!

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