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I just read this and just had to quote it.

If you’re not comfortable with the how the world portrays your religion, or you get upset when someone points out that all Christians pick and choose what verses they follow, change that.

You have two options if you still want to be a Christian:  You may give up the charade of following the Bible and be honest about what guides your moral compass, or you may follow all of the laws in your book.  If you want to discriminate against gays, you’re not allowed to wear poly-blend.  If you want your wife to be a submissive June Cleaver and give up her job to raise your plethora of non-birth-control kids, stop eating ham.  You can NOT use the Bible to justify your own bigotry when you obviously do not follow every edict in that dreadful tome.  Tell me why you pick certain verses over others or stop pretending that the Bible justifies your prejudices.

Cause I couldn’t have said it better myself.

And, remember…


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  1. The problem is that the Old Testament isn’t the Christians book. The Old Testament of our Bible is the Hebrews book. Christianity isn’t about following laws; that was (and is) Judaism. The New Testament is our book, and it never says not to eat ham. 1 Timothy 4:4 says “For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if received with thanksgiving.” It’s okay, even some Christians mix those things up. Trying to keep the Law was impossible, God knew that when he gave the Law. He wanted us to figure it out. He wanted humanity to realize what they needed was a savior. He kept the Law perfectly, and for us is the fullfilment of the Law and the Prophets. In the New Covenant, we are offered grace instead of being given a bunch of laws to follow.

    Does that mean that everyone is saved by God’s grace? No, that means we all COULD be saved by God’s grace, but most aren’t, of they’re own choosing. Does that mean since we all fail, that homosexuality is not a sin? Read Romans chapter one. It is not Old Testament Law, but it takes a very hard line on sexual sin.

    Atheists like to spend just long enough in the book to know what’s wrong with it, and wonder why Christians read it their whole life and don’t see it. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Reading the book of Hebrews is like a crash course in understanding the difference between Judaism and Christianity.

  2. In other words, god made some rules he knew people wouldn’t follow, punishes them anyway for not following, then condemns them to convince them they need to be saved from the consequences of the arbitrary rules he made for the purpose of saving them.

    To do this, he sacrifices himself to himself to appease himself.

    What the FUCK was Moses smoking?

  3. P.S., If I read your post correctly, fuck you, you homophobic asshole.

    Have a very nice day.

    But still fuck you. But have a very nice day in the meantime.


  4. Posted by wazza on December 15, 2008 at 9:01 am

    PPS This is the actions of a merciful being? The only mercy I see related to YHWH is that He hardly ever shows up around here any more…

  5. http://www.helsinki.fi/~pjojala/New-York-Times-opinions.htm

    Israel not only has nukes. The Jewish scientists invented the whole process of harvesting nuclear energy to energy production and bombs alike, both in the USA and in the Soviet Union. The Manhattan project was launched against Nazi Germany and it was crowded by Jews rescued from Europe. And it was succesfull.

    But when Germany surrendered, these Jewish scientist made a plea and veto NOT to use any of the nukes against Japan. Robert Oppenheimer even lost his civic rights and was expelled I think. A long essay I wrote on the Israeli nukes:

    The point is that Israel has shown to behave as a responsible owner of nuclear arms. France and USA were mad to equip Saddam Hussein with nukes against Iran.

    When Israel destroyed the Os-Iraq nuclear plants in 1981, hydrogen bobms were being made there. And guess what? George Bush senior, as the foreign minister of the USA, was raging and yielling to Israel in the television. Oh boy was HE angry because of the attack!

    A Gallup poll released on 2/26/02 (www.gallup.com/poll/) covering 10 000 respondents and 9 countries showed the following statistics regarding the belief that al-Qaida people were not responsible for the attack on the WTC twin towers: Kuwait 89%; Pakistan 86%; Indonesia 74%; Iran 59%; Lebanon 58%; Turkey 43%. When antisemitic rhetorics and conspiracy theories run this wild, there is little doubt that they will result in an action, sooner or later. One thing for sure: Israel will be blamed for the escalation.

    Out of all the cases handled by the UN Commission on Human Rights, 25% of the judgments have been focused against the single democracy of Israel. One third of the cases brought up to the General Assembly target the same nation. Shakespeare wrote his Merchant of Venice near the end of the expulsion of Jews from England (1290-1650). Are we descending to a modern Shylock-stereotypology with the short memory of the media world war?

    Strange, isn’t it?


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