Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission Aims for White House

Remember those folks who tried to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver and didn’t? They’re going for an even bolder step.

For release on 3 December 2008

*White House Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission Expected*

Denver, CO — The possibility of a new White House Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission has put the Denver ballot initiative to create a similar commission on hold — for now. Jeff Peckman, author of the Denver initiative, has already applied for the position of project coordinator of the anticipated new White House commission and is urging others to apply for positions.


Somebody please explain to me how these people get these ideas? Surely it would be easier to start on a city level, then turn the state of Colorado into a laughing stock, and then go for the White House.

Only 21% of Americans voted to elect Barack Obama as President. Three to four times that many Americans believe that the U.S. government has covered up secret files concealing evidence of extraterrestrial beings frequently visiting our planet. Testimony from hundreds of credible whistleblowers would support the claim that these secret ‘UFO” files contain trillions of dollars worth of critical solutions for clean energy, economic growth, job-creation, national security, and reducing government waste.

Wait, what? 63% to 84% of Americans believe that extraterrestrial beings have been visiting us?

This is one of those times when I really wished these people would cite their sources. Who did this survey? How was it conducted? Where did they do it? Did they hand out a survey at one of their lectures and decided that that pool of questionees accurately represented the mindset of most Americans?

Did they ask “do you believe in UFOs”? I would have answered “yes” to that one. Of course there are unidentified objects. A better question is “do you believe that UFOs are alien visitors?” In which case I’d have to remain agnostic on the answer to that one until they showed me some physical evidence other than appeals to authority (which these people have yet to show me).

Even if there were a source for these statistics I can easily find statistics showing that 50% of Americans believe that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old. No matter how many people you get to believe that radiometric dating doesn’t work there’s no way you’re going to contradict the laws of physics.

And, no, just because you can edit together a four-hour-long-or-something video full of talking heads doesn’t mean that those people weren’t mistaken about what they saw. Said people couldn’t have also snuck us a piece of metal from a space ship? Organic tissue that uses a completely different biochemistry than our own?

So, because loads of people, according to you, believe this we should just stop funding real scientists who could come up with a source of renewable energy? I see. Since loads of people also believe that the Earth is the direct product of a supernatural being let’s also halt all other scientific endeavours and say “God did it”.

The press release then goes on to quote various people who wield government power making them seem like they believe that there is a government cover-up of UFOs. I haven’t had the time to poke around for the original sources of these quotes, though, so we have no way of knowing if they were just taken out of context… but even so… Appeals to authority do not constitute evidence in favour of your half-baked plans.

It’s the same-old story. They point to people who they claim say they believe in “UFOs” without clarifying whether or not those people really believe UFOs are the same thing that they think it is, say that loads of people agree with them, then claim that they can solve all of the world’s problems if only the government gives them the false appearance of having anything to say that isn’t complete codswallops.

Let’s hope that President-Elect Barack Obama is a reasonable man after all.


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  1. Posted by wazza on December 9, 2008 at 8:53 am

    I’m pretty sure if the President does set up someone to investigate it all, it won’t be the guy who huffed all Denver’s crazy.

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