That wasn’t a land slide. Mount Everest fell on top of John McCain.

Travis Bedford

And the e-mail my dear and personal friend Barack Hussein Obama sent me when it was clear he was the victor still had the “Donate” button at the bottom…


Don’t be too sure things are definitely going to change for the better. Obama definitely seemed far better than McCain/Palin (puck Falin!), but he’s still a politician.

Oh, and now I find…

californiafail… that I am disgusted with the bigotry of over 5 million Californians.

One more thing to wrap this all up, I’m curious about North Carolina. Not that it matters, but I’m curious. 100% of precincts are reporting and it looks like Obama is leading by a small margin. McCain was also leading by a small margin in Missouri and MSNBC gave the state to him (but BBC appears to still have it in gray). What about North Carolina? Is it going to be in a perpetual state of gray for the rest of American history?

Oh, and have a look at Only missed Indiana, nice!

That’s all. Was a fun night. Let’s do it again in 4 years.

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  1. Posted by Perpetual Dissent on November 6, 2008 at 1:48 pm

    We elected him. Now it looks like we get to start criticizing him! If he appoints RFK Jr., well, so much for having a pro science administration.

  2. North Carolina has just been called for Obama. I must say that it looks pretty in blue. I know that he’s a politician, but maybe at least we’ll have a justice department that cares about corruption for a change.

    Hey, MY personal best friend ever Barack Obama sent me an email too! The three of us should hang out together sometime.

  3. Posted by wazza on November 7, 2008 at 9:18 am

    I think MSNBC were just being nice to McCain. I mean, he’s lost, there’s no reason to make him feel worse…

    Prop 8 is a disgrace, but hopefully it’ll get reversed in 2 years if we can hammer the message home.

  4. They got Indiana wrong because they forgot I was here, campaigning for Obama!

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