Update: Technorati has restored all blogs mentioned in this toast. You can all go back to ranting and raving now. Although I would still like to know what happened in the first place.

As I was checking Technorati late last night, I noticed that something peculiar had happened. My blog was no longer on Technorati.

The page said:

Sorry, we can’t find that blog

We’re sorry…we don’t have a blog by that name. If this is your blog, look over our Blog Quality Guidelines and submit your blog for review by pinging us. Or better yet, claim your blog to get into the high priority queue!

So I immediately went and read through the Blog Quality Guidelines:


By following these common sense practices, legitimate blogs typically provide sufficient criteria for us to ensure their successful indexing. Best practices for getting indexed include:

  • Publish feeds that are discoverable by using feed discovery
  • Publish full content (not summaries or excerpts) in an Atom 1.0 feed
  • Sign in and ping Technorati directly with your claimed blog URL
  • Write posts with original content. One of the biggest differences between blogs and websites is that blogging is about being part of the online conversation. We’d like to hear your opinions and comments in your blog posts.
  • Write often. The more you write, the more you are a part of the conversation.
  • Cite your sources. Provide attribution by quoting and linking to the source.


  • Engaging in the following types of behavior increases the likelihood that your blog will be Suspended or Removed.
  • Do not republish content from other sites without adding your original commentary or reaction.
  • Do not publish with excessive Commercial Intent. We understand that many blog to make money. However, sites that include a high proportion of content and links solely intended to promote ad networks, affiliate system bounties, or other transactions are not considered blogs.
  • Do not tag exessively. Make sure the tags you use to describe your posts really do describe your posts. If we see high occurrences of unrelated, variants and synonyms, or over-use of tags in your posts, we may conclude that your site is trying to game the system.
  • Do not promote or participate in viral linking schemes.
  • Do not ask us to index objectionable, obscene, offensive content or content that promotes or displays pornography. Use of Technorati is subject to our Terms of Service.
  • Do not publish posts with nonsense text intended to boost keyword matches in search engines.
  • Do not be overly repetitive. If we find that your posts all contain the same content and/or links, your site may be considered gaming the system or link spam.
  • Do not be misleading with inappropriate redirects. Do not use links that take the reader to completely different content than what is expected.
  • Do not promote malware or objectionable content. Do not promote downloads to view objectionable content, promote malware or spyware of any form.

I could be missing something here, but I don’t recall doing any of the “DON’Ts” although I haven’t done all of the “DOs”. So I get an account, type in my blog’s URL, and get a message telling me that the URL had been “flagged” as not meeting the Blog Quality Standards.

I sent an e-mail to Technorati asking if there was a reason why my blog had been taken down. I have not yet received a reply.

Next morning, I was informed via Twitter by Chicken Girl that her blog was now down as well. Out of curiosity, I checked other blogs that were more famous than mine. Friendly Atheist, up. Pharyngula, up. Skepchick?!?

Well, I dunno what’s going on. My hope is that Technorati will get back to me soon and tell me what’s going on. In the meantime, check your blogs. I want to know which ones are being deemed unable to meet Technorati’s “Blog Quality Standards”.

3 responses to this post.

  1. A Sceptical I is up.

    Teen Skepchick is also up.


  2. Posted by Adrian Hayter on October 18, 2008 at 7:39 pm

    Well I think it’s your obvious participation in viral linking schemes that got you banned. Honestly elles…and we had so much respect for you…:(

  3. Mine’s back up! I wrote them a “What the French toast?” letter and had my blog pinged (it’s already been claimed for 2 years) and they put it back up.

    Skepchick and your blog are back up too. 🙂

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