I don’t do any of the ever-so-popular Comment of the Week features (in case you haven’t noticed I’ve been neglected Ignunt Fool of the Week enough as it is although I’m thinking Palin might need one), but commenters often have a talent for out-shining anything I could ever write and thus need recognition.

So here it is… I now put the spotlight on…

Wazza, for this excellent comment:

I always thought there was nothing more horrible to do to something than to crush it mercilessly, bathe it in acid, and then palpate it down a long tube sucking out nutrients before dropping it in a toilet…

good thing no one does that to any holy foods, right?

We’ll have to think of something more evil than that to do the consecrated spaghetti with meatballs then, eh?


One response to this post.

  1. aw, shucks…

    I voiced more or less the same sentiment over at Unreasonable Faith around the time of Crackergate. It’s kind of obvious if you realise that holy foods are, well, foods.

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