Astrology and Babies

After noticing that the Hatching Eggs application on Facebook had added zodiac signs, I left a comment on the “Pisces” egg-thing saying that I was born on March 11, but despite being told that Pisces love to escape from reality I think that reality is a good place to be.

Today, when I logged in, I found this:

“I’m curious to see what her Pisces personality brings”.

I honestly don’t know what to say to that. Maybe her daughter will become a skeptical blogger-girl like me and replace me on Teen Skepchick when I get old? Or maybe she’ll grow up with a mum spouting all this stuff about how her personality is directly controlled by the stars. I think I might go cry now.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Joy Wang on October 1, 2008 at 3:15 pm

    Now, now. *hands over cyberhankerchief*

    Seriously, though, it’s kinda creepy how much stock people put in woo like astrology. It’d be really nice to have some baby skepchicks, but I get this feeling that baby skepchicks aren’t what this mum’s referring to.

    Horoscopes are good for the laughs. Or for starting bonfires. Autumn weather means that things get a mite chilly in the mornings, and bonfires with hot cocoa are muchly appreciated.

  2. I’m boggling slightly at this. I’d always had the idea that babies were sorta uninteresting noisy shitting blobs up to a year old, but then my own daughter was clearly showing personality in the womb. I base this claim on the fact that she had definite musical preferences at about 30 weeks – she’d kick in time with music she liked (Australian indie rock, thumping recent industrial disco), she’d kick out of time with music she didn’t like (Daddy’s horrible ’80s New York noise rock). She’s 17 months now and has never not been the sort of child that has very strong preferences as to everything. Also dismantles things and tries to put them back together. I fully expect to leave her in the room full of half-dead computers in a few years and come back two hours later to find the FBI at the door.

    Other parents I’ve told this story to concur. Kids show personality way early. I’m wondering what on earth she has for a kid that doesn’t.

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