I took schadenfreude out of something. Something unfortunate happened to somebody I didn’t like and I thought it was a good, pleasureable thing.

Then I realized that I shouldn’t take schadenfreude out of it because it would make me a hypocrite and I ceased the committing of the thoughtcrime.

Said person has a responsibility to the public to not keep secrets, but we all have the right to privacy… Of course certain people, including the person in question, would want to shred our constitution, but we still need to protect the rights of those people to keep our own rights.

But yes. I momentarily took schadenfreude out of it. I’m a hypocrite.

I was blind but now I see.


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  1. there is some value in it in that she was using that account for government business, but releasing the private email – unless it exposes an explicit lie she’s told while campaigning – is going too far.

    That said, when you campaign for high office, you have to expect a lot of scrutiny.

  2. Posted by Rev. Reed Braden on September 18, 2008 at 6:42 am

    What wazza said… and I have no remorse for laughing at the bitch who got her just desserts.

  3. now, now…

    she hasn’t done anything bad to us yet. And so long as we can keep her from getting elected, she never will.

  4. Yes, she is a bitch.

    Releasing her daughter’s e-mail was just another line that should never have been crossed.

  5. you can’t say “we’re the good guys” and do bad guy things.

    However, releasing the semi-official emails sent through this account in order to hide them from the american people was something good that came out of this. But yes, involving her daughter – who is already having a tough time – is just being an asshole of the highest level.

    I guess we just have to expect that from Anonymous.

  6. One of the best things about atheism is that there are no thought crimes. Your brain is a complete privacy zone, free from the prying of creepy, voyeuristic deities.

  7. That is just what we have to expect from Anonymous, huh? These are also what we have come to expect from Anonymous:

    Anonymous exposing pedo Chris Forcand and turning him in.

    Anonymous getting a student who made threats to blow up his school arrested.

    Anonymous giving racist pig Hal Turner a taste of his own medicine.

    Anonymous spawning the whole culture of LOLcats.

    Anonymous shaming Habbo Hotel moderators for racism.

    There are two sides to a coin, wazza.

  8. Posted by Rev. Reed Braden on September 21, 2008 at 7:20 am

    Elles, her email address was She’s obviously not doing a good job of hiding it herself.

  9. Uh, yeah, that is what we expect from anonymous. They’re loose cannons. The people they hit tend to be people our side don’t like, but there are better ways of going about it.

    If Anonymous was going around harrassing prominent atheists, we’d be pissed at them, right?

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