You Can Stop Googling “Emma Watson Dawkins” Now

Here are the most common search engine terms for today and yesterday:

Which reminds me, Travis needs to blog more often. Hint, hint.

You know, I’ve gotten signed stuff from both those people? I wrote to Emma Watson when I was like, 8, and she sent me an autographed picture. She has way better hand-writing than me, though it’s not hard to do that.

Ahem. Seriously. The most common search engine term isn’t “Splendid Elles” but “Emma Watson Dawkins” and variations thereof? That is just so… random.

Is there some sort of conspiracy theory that Richard Dawkins and Emma Watson are trying to take over the world? Did the National Enquirer or the British version thereof report on some sort of affair between the two? Why the hell is this getting Googled so much?

I can just imagine “Watson-Dawkins Affair” popping up in my search engine terms now.

Well, to those of you who are finding this blog by searching that, for whatever reason, I welcome you to check out posts that aren’t about Emma Watson and Richard Dawkins. Here’s one about blogger, PZ Myers. Here’s one about UFO nuts. Here’s one about creationists in science museums. Oh, and here’s a story I wrote today on Teen Skepchick which I promise you is even more random than your search engine terms.

If you find those uninteresting, then carry on with your quest to dig up juicy details about Richard Dawkins and Emma Watson.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Lucky. My number one search engine term is “women killing chickens”.

  2. Hey Elles, this should clear it up a little:

  3. Perhaps this *edited* picture might also clear up the watson-dawkins controversy:

  4. yeah, there’s a rumour that she’s his lovechild…

    or maybe they think your real name is Emma Watson Dawkins?

  5. As it happens, there IS a blog called Emma Watson Richard Dawkins!!!!

    CHECK IT OUT, MAN!!!!!!!!!

  6. Posted by Thorn on June 15, 2009 at 10:23 pm

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