British Friends Rock

I was recently sent “Charles Darwin On the Origin of Species: The definitive guide to the book that changed the world” by mail from John Sargeant, aka Homo economicus.

When you open it up with my copy of Origin of Species signed by Michael Shermer it is epic… like so…

And another reason why the British friend in question rocks…

Today while wandering aimlessly around the Internet I also found this, an interview with said British friend. And my favourite question and answer…

Who are your top five favourite bloggers? – PZ Myers (scientist and defender of reason) – Matt Frei’s WASHINGTON DIARY – Nick Robinson BBC politics editor – the bench mark for an atheist blog – a kid who pulls no punches

My ego has inflated quite a bit now. It’s awesome because I like his blog a lot too. Reciprocal blog-likingism?

Anyway, British friends rock. If you aren’t reading John’s blog you should because if you don’t I will be quite cross with you and send the Bigfoot I have locked away in my basement after you. Just don’t tell the cryptozoologists about the coverup I’m part of.


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  2. It is okay to like your own blog. Heck, I like my own blog too! 🙂 And congrats with you signed copy.

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