It has been forever since I last posted. I feel like I should join in on the Palin-blogging now because that’s what pretty much half of the blog posts in Google Reader have been about, but I will instead share a small piece of irony and sadness which I have just encountered…

Two weeks ago, before the DNC came to Denver, I left my signed copy of Unweaving the Rainbow in my calculus class. My teacher told me it would probably turn up later but I remained skeptical and figured I would never see it again.

When we finally returned to class after the DNC and Labor Day it still hadn’t turned up and I became extremely upset.

Here’s what I find ironic: I’m blogging from a computer in my school’s library. Apparently I spent a lot more time up here than I remember because all the librarians remember who I am. They even introduced the new librarian to me because they figured I’d spend about as much time up here as I did last year.

Why do I come to the library so much? Because I like books that much. Especially books about evolution with lots of bright, colourful, pretty pictures.

So the question is…

How can somebody who likes books so much lose a signed copy of a book?!

I’m a sad book worm. 😦

Send your shame upon me. All of it. Right now.


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  1. Posted by Natsuki on September 5, 2008 at 3:55 am

    No shame. Sadness. Very sad. I hope you find it. ;-;

  2. eh, I’m a geek and I’m always losing USB Flash Memory Sticks… I’m on my fourth one. And I’m pretty sure I saw the first one, the one that had an interestingly disgusting anecdote attached, on one of the university IT guys’ keychains

    the important thing about books isn’t paper, or ink, or even a signature. The important thing about books is the effect they have on people.

  3. 😦

    *virtual hug*

  4. Would it help if I sign a copy of Unweaving the Rainbow and send it to you?


    Drat. I had a really nice crayon picked out. Leaf Green.

  5. (((Elles)))

    Even if you never do find it… at least that book is out there somewhere educating someone else? I don’t know if that makes you feel any better. 😦

  6. While it’s really cool to have a book signed by the author, I can’t really identify why I think that way. What makes it better than an unsigned book?

  7. Posted by 1minionsopinion on September 5, 2008 at 12:51 pm

    That sucks buckets. I agree with Chicken Girl, though. Hopefully the person who took it (shame! shame!) is deeply into the book and it will affect his/her whole world view. And maybe that person will leave it lying around where another curious soul will be too tempted to leave it alone…

  8. Posted by Joy Wang on September 5, 2008 at 9:11 pm

    That would be interesting–leaving Dawkins or Hitchens around just to pass the word around. Maybe a note towards the end in the margin, “Please leave this book in a place where some other curious soul might find it. That’d be expensive though.

    OT, but I was in Shanghai Pudong International Airport and saw a copy of God Is Not Great sitting around–it made my day.

    Even more OT, but I was in Toronto/Pearson International a half day later and saw The Last Lecture with Randy Pausch sitting on the table–I almost cried when I picked it up. Then I read PZ’s column in SEED, and felt marginally better.

  9. Sorry to hear about your loss *hug*

  10. So sorry, though I have got to say, I don’t know that feeling one gets from getting a signed copy from the author, so sometimes, it seems silly to me. ^_^

  11. OT, but I was in Shanghai Pudong International Airport and saw a copy of God Is Not Great sitting around–it made my day.

    Oh! Oh! I saw god is not Great in Xinhua Bookstore there too last winter! I took a picture of it. 😀

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