Sleep Deprivation + Elles = Strangeness

This is why I should be restrained from the Internet when under the influence of sleep deprivation:

[00:53] Elles: Hemant! I just figured it out!
[00:53] Elles: All of it!
[00:53] Hemant Mehta: You did…?!
[00:54] Elles: Okay, so us Atheists don’t have an answer for why there is a universe. But, it turns out that there is a perfectly rational explanation.
[00:54] Elles: It’s God, just not the Christian god.
[00:54] Hemant Mehta: Oh?
[00:54] Elles: The thing is we don’t have any evidence for a god because if it exists then it either doesn’t interfere or is completely random…
[00:55] Elles: The deist god is really indifferent so it wouldn’t have created the universe in the first place so the answer is obvious.
[00:55] Hemant Mehta: Mhmm…
[00:55] Elles: The mad-man god!
[00:55] Hemant Mehta: It’s brilliant.
[00:56] Elles: That’s the reason why there’s life the universe and everything… the mad-man god!
[00:56] Elles: The mad-man god: the epic win hypothesis.
[00:56] Elles: Wow. It’s really late. No wonder why I’m acting like I’m sleep-deprived.
[00:56] Elles: Carry on.
[00:56] Elles: *poof*
[00:57] Hemant Mehta:

Sorry Hemant for bothering you like that. >.<


3 responses to this post.

  1. That’s so crazy, it just. might.. work…

  2. Posted by Josh on August 9, 2008 at 1:04 pm

    I like this one: the Storyteller God.

    Think about it. The universe is clearly not the nicest of all possible worlds, but it has a decent shot at Most Interesting. It would explain all the hardship and bigotry and so on – what’s a story without conflict, after all?

    Plus, you don’t even have to assume divine intervention at any particular point. The Storyteller God would just have to set up the initial conditions with perfect foreknowledge of how they would unfold, and engineer them to her liking.

    Now if only I could think of a testable prediction…

  3. Posted by skep on August 11, 2008 at 11:42 pm

    :/ Get some sleep!!

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