The Sky is Falling!

Now that PZ has successfullly desecrated his cracker piece of the body of Christ, I’ve received a message from the “Fire Paul Zachary Myers” Facebook group.

In His own words:

“Yes, the sad little cracker has met its undignified end, so stop pestering me. The cracker, the koran, and another surprise entry have been violated and are gone. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the details, what little of them there are. I must quickly apologize to all you good Catholics who were hoping to attend Mass, since you can’t anymore — I have been told many hundreds of times now that cracker abuse violates your right to practice your religion. I guess you’ll have to adapt. Secular humanism is a good alternative, if you aren’t already flocking to join the Mormons.”

They missed the best part of PZ’s post!

Anyway, I’ve got important things to do today. It’s my oldest son’s birthday, and I told him that as a gift to me him, I’d take myself him to see The Dark Knight. I sure hope the world doesn’t end before the movie does.

Paul Zachary Myers is a man after my own heart. Batman is completely awesome.

Anyway, the rest of the Facebook message…

Pray for him and please join me in making Friday a day of reparation. I would also encourage you to NOT email myers.

Oh! Oh! Maybe they’re learning their lesson!

Then again, maybe not…

Instaed contact civil authorities in MN.

Contact the civil authorities because PZ desecrated a cracker? What? Are we going to start calling 911 whenever somebody offends a plate of spaghetti? If only the Pastafarians didn’t have a loving religion.

I’m sorry, but this is a secular society. You can’t throw PZ Myers in jail for desecrating a cracker any more than you can stone homosexuals.

Do not rely on the hate speech argument alone, but also point out he is doing this on the taxpayers dime.

Um… Even if PZ had done the desecration of a cracker in his workplace, what if he had done it on a coffee break? His blog isn’t even run on the site of the university he works for. It’s on Science Blogs which as far as I know does not receive federal money.

I love America. People are free to offend whatever type of food they want.

7 responses to this post.

  1. Unfortuately, PZ does not seem to share your enthusiasm for the Dark Knight.

  2. Posted by Travis Bedford on July 24, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    “I’m not arguing!”

    “Yes you are.”

    “No I’m not!”

    “See? Just now! You’re arguing!”

    “I could be arguing in my spare time.”

    I think the Catholics need a free appointment at the Being Hit On The Head clinic.

  3. Did you see the letter the cathlolics sent to the University of Minnesota?

    Its pretty fucked up.

  4. God, I don’t know what it is about catholicism that gives them great joy. All it did was to bore me to death

  5. Favorite line: “I love America. People are free to offend whatever type of food they want.”

  6. Posted by kaydonthedinosaur on August 1, 2008 at 2:49 am

    Does anybody happen to know if any religion worships banana cake? I’m digesting some right now, a rather uncivilized end for any deity.

  7. “Does anybody happen to know if any religion worships banana cake?”

    No, but I’d be willing to start one if it would help.

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