Is Richard Dawkins Related to Emma Watson?

That’s the title of a thread I stumbled upon in The Emma Watson forums with this picture:

Isnt that creepy, dude?

Isn't that creepy, dude?

Compare it to a picture of Emma Watson (which I went ahead and nabbed from the banner of the forum):

Hermione Granger! Yayz!

Hermione Granger! Yayz!

Hell, when I met Richard Dawkins the first thing to run through my head was not “he looks a lot like Emma Watson” but “he looks shorter in person” and he doesn’t look like that in my recollection but… they do look pretty similar in that picture. That’s creepy, dudettes and dudes!

So, I sent a link to the thread to my theistic evolutionist friend and we both had a good giggle. But guess what? My theistic evolutionist friend was more of a skeptic than I was! Like that nagging feeling in the back of my head had told me, that’s not what Richard Dawkins actually looks like:

That is still pretty hot, eh.

That is still pretty hot, eh.

See the difference? My theistic evolutionist friend pointed out that it seems that somebody took an image of Emma Watson and superimposed it on teh Dawk. I really have no idea why anybody would do that but it’s still pretty amusing.

Now that I’ve done all this, I’m not quite sure how it relates to skepticism other than…

  1. Deeper investigations are necessary more often than you’d think and…
  2. Theists can be good skeptics too.

Damn, street lamps seem to relate to skepticism more than Richard Dawkins does.

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  1. Posted by Travis Bedford on July 23, 2008 at 6:56 pm

    Photoshop strikes again!

  2. BUT the difference is not that great…

    Maybe DickDawk was a bit of a rapscallion and bicyclist in his youth? (Or not so youth-ness… late 40s?)

  3. Posted by patronus on July 29, 2008 at 7:33 pm

    Dawkins is at the same Oxford College as Emma’s father went to. Spooky eh?

  4. Hahahaa… hilarious. I came here after finding the same comparison on the “totally looks like” blog. Pretty funny, you should check it out:


  5. Hallo Mr. Dawkins!
    I respect You absolut as a big Humanist, Scientist and
    a big Thinker. Very few people understand Your good
    books. For Your book and for book of Michel Onfray, a
    people do not have to much mind, because is a Science!
    A people do not liked Science!

    It is a better Jesus-Superstition! Demons, Satan and
    Engels. The people have to much interest for a Bible:
    Genocide, War, Cannibalism, Pedophily, Cruelty, Vio-
    lence! We have to big Biblepropagand in Internet!

    The people liked Violence, Racism and Genocide!!!


  6. […] Mr. Dawkins! 3 05 2009 I just found this highly articulate, well thought out comment on the blog of that Satanic bitch, Splendid Elles. Hallo Mr. Dawkins! I respect You absolut as a […]

  7. Dear Mark,

    I am not Mr. Dawkins.

    Demons and Satan don’t exist. If they did I wouldn’t be an Atheist. Faustus was a fool (and a procrastinator) and I wouldn’t want that happening to me if I knew that Satan was real, thus implying the existence of the Christian god.

    I’m not much one for Engels either. Nazism was based on suckage science.

    Also, the Crusades, Israel/Palestine, 9/11, 7/7, Northern Ireland, etcetera.

    Have a good day,


  8. Posted by John on April 28, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    I’m told that Retard Dawkins is a legitimate scientist, and that the majority of his written works are on pure science. When I google, bing or do any other search of his name all the results I get are web sites, forums and his books devoted to his stance against spirituality. Now, for the most part I might respect him for his scientific endeavors, if I could find anything on them. I even respect his beliefs regarding religion and support his right to communicate those beliefs in any way he sees fit. The one thing that puts me absolutely and totally against him is his misguided belief that it is his duty and the duty of all atheists to teach the children of the world “reason” and his “scientific truth” in the schools where it applies to religion, “if their parents won’t”. I hope I never meat the man in person because all he needs to do is suggest such a thing to me and I’d have no problem with spending some time in jail and paying to have a few of his more prominent teeth replaced. I am not a violent person, and no one deserves to have violence done against them (not even Retard), but he may THINK he has a duty to my children but I DO have the duty to protect my children from ANYONE who thinks they can come between any parent and their child.

  9. Posted by cbg on March 10, 2011 at 7:57 am

    He’s done multiple great, groundbreaking books explaining evolution and how it works on the genetic level.

    I love the “i’d knock his teeth out but im not a violent person” line. Perhaps not, but you have some very violent thoughts.

    As for teaching kids reason and getting them to see the faults in religion, I’m all for it. My catholic guilt nearly drove me to suicide before I saw the light of reason.

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