I Have Writer’s Block

I’ve had pretty bad writer’s block for a few days now. It feels like my brain is simply… dry. That, and I keep getting very distracted by people wanting to talk to me.

So I figure that the best way to get rid of my writer’s block is to write about how I have writer’s block. Actually,  I don’t think that’s going to help at all.

I’m trying to write critical thinking 101 type stuff for Teen Skepchick but if I detail critical thinking as much as I’d like to it would make an exceptionally long post so I’ve been trying to break it down into basic stuff (questioning things, demanding evidence, fallacies, good and bad reasons) but they keep overlaping onto each other and I’m trying not to make it all intimidatingly too long to read.

It’s really not working.

And now I don’t know what to say.

I still don’t know what to say.

Space is big.

Maybe it would go away if I started typing in another language.

Hola. Me llamo es Elles. Me gusta ciencias.

I’m thinking of going to do some math problems but I don’t think my brain can do math if it can’t write. Oh, this inability to think about explaining critical thinking is going to drive me mad. Then I can be a mad scientist!

You know, I’d like for there to be fewer mad scientists in science fiction. I wish for once, just once…

I still feel all dry. I’mma go get some sleep methinks.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Funkopolis on July 11, 2008 at 6:20 am

    Don’t fret too much. Happens all the time when you’ve got a creative-type job. You spend all your time squeezing your brain, and then, it’s all … squozen.

    What works for me is spending some time doing something completely different and unrelated for a while. Refill you brain with interesting facts and bask in the talent and creativity of others for a bit. Go see a play or a movie you’ve never heard of. Look at some art. Watch some street buskers. Eat exotic foods. Learn rope tricks.

    At best, you find yourself making odd connections, getting new perspectives, stuff that actually informs your main creative output.

    At worst, you can fill a bunch of posts with YouTube embeds and tv reviews.

  2. Funkopolis makes some good points. The best way to get past writers block is to get some exposure to something new. You don’t necessarily have to go anywhere. Get a StumbleUpon account and just start clicking, for example.

  3. “You know, I’d like for there to be fewer mad scientists in science fiction.”

    I take it you sure Richard Dawkins on Doctor Who?

    Sigue habiendo el problema. No importa cómo usted lo dice.


  4. Posted by pato2747 on July 11, 2008 at 9:29 pm

    I HATE to be a nitpicker (Really, I do), but I can’t avoid saying that it’s not “Hola. Me llamo es Elles. Me gusta ciencias.”.

    At best, it would be “Hola. Me llamo Elles. Me gusta la ciencia”.

    Sorry. It’s likely that it was done on purpose, but still, my nitpicking lobe went ballistic when I saw that.

  5. Sorry. Wasn’t paying attention to what I was writing… 😦

  6. Ne vous occupez pas de ça, it never works. When I have writers block, I draw, mostly. Or listen to music. XD

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