Internet Infidels All Over Again

Yes, that’s right, everyone. Looks like the world has been unable to get its fill of sadism through inflicting stupidity on us through normally stupid people, and has resorted to turning normally not-completely-moronic balls of chemicals we call people into festering piles of rotten corruption and idiocy.

In case you are unaware of the situation, the administrators and moderators at “Richard Dawkins chat” (linked to from have finally used up their last collective shred of brainpower and turned into some sort of retarded half Dalek, half troglodyte hybrid which regularly fails to pronounce “EXTERMINATE!”.

Still, “EXTERMINATE!” they do. I’ve lost count of the number of users they have banned so far, almost all of them regular, contributing members. Two moderators, including myself, have been stripped of their powers, and one is among the banned (I don’t count my ban because I asked them to ban me due to my disgust at the situation).

Fortunately for the banned users, there is a Skype room consisting of disgruntled former chat members. The room has nearly doubled in size since the bannings began. Our rather specific “people who despise the room but want to talk to each other” room is now actually larger than the real chat in terms of users online at a given time.

Back to the mockery, though. For anyone wondering, I was stripped of my moderator powers in a demonstration of the human capacity to jump to insane and generally stupid conclusions. None of their Loyal Comrades of the Banning People Left and Right party could possibly have leaked private moderator information, so clearly I was the only one who could possibly be disgruntled. As Reed said over at his blog, “nice one, assholes! You punished an innocent person” (paraphrasing). For the record, I most certainly was not the source (though had I known the way things would turn out, I’d certainly be inclined to give out any information I could find) of whatever they seem so butthurt about. Don’t they know the users they’re screwing over are supposed to be the ones hurting?

To give an idea as to what they’re banning for, here’s the most recent ban, relayed by Darius:

aeronautical_atheist: yes change the subject please,,,, how about those power hungry mods huh?
mrmister: some mods*
aeronautical_atheist: yes some
JoelWildtree: *eats power*
aeronautical_atheist: my theory is that mat and myxoma have a bit of trouble in paridise, and are taking it out on us
aeronautical_atheist has left the room General
aeronautical_atheist was banned by admin Rob

Someone dares to question Big Brother Moderators, and they are promptly terminated. I don’t see any resemblance to various regimes us atheists like to distance ourselves from. Do you?

To add insult to what would already amount to a 390 broken bones and a ruptured spleen were this a human (breaking bones that don’t even exist is hard to do), the admin Zukiwi is threatening legal action against various banned users. She has no grounds, of course, and about as much funding as the United States Department of Communism, so she’s likely managed to successfully fail every IQ test ever printed simultaneously with this particular act of obtuse posturing.

Having covered Zukiwi’s stupidity not mentioned previously, there’s myxoma. myxoma is a thoughtless, cunting bitch with the social skills of a dead elephant and a figure to match. She has handled every issue in precisely the wrong way since she and matalanifesto, the site’s chief admin, returned from their little four month “neglecting the chat” spree. Everything is someone else’s fault, and if they don’t agree they win a one way ticked to banland. matalanifesto is about the same, but with a British accent and a whole new level of asshattery I won’t go into here.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened, either. It is the first time this has happened to half the users simultaneously, but it’s still helpful to know that this isn’t the first time regular, contributing users have been banned without good reason.

The moderators claim their chat and the forums follow the same rules and guidelines. I’m all for trying new foods, but I’d rather not try this pile of steamed horseshit coated in Superiority Complex and burned to a crisp by the entropy of the administration’s brains.

On the forums, people routinely get away with passive aggressive personal attacks (though for some reason calling a Mormon a Moron is frowned upon), and obvious trolls seem to have tenure. Being banned for saying the moderators are being a bit overzealous is simply absurd.

At this point, the best thing the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science can do is to cut all ties with “” (the current URL of the chat). This chat serves only to soil the name and reputation of Dawkins, atheism, and smart people in general.

To the administrators and moderators of the “Richard Dawkins Chat” (excluding perhaps maiforpeace, she seems to have been decent through this whole affair), I offer a hearty shit piss fuck cunt cocksucker motherfucker and tits to you, you asinine pigs.

On a completely unrelated note, my search for unicorns has been fruitless so far.


10 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by tungtide on June 30, 2008 at 11:46 pm

    As a relatively new (and unheard) voice in the atheosphere I find this to be a disheartening situation. I’ve followed the goings-on through this site and over at Reed’s but can’t seem to understand what would prompt this kind of action.

    A hunger for power and control? A backdoor attempt to silence voices (that will obviously become louder in another forum)? In what way do these moderators think this this is helping and did I just earn a preemptive ban at the RD forums?

    Based on the transcripts and comments I have seen from banned individuals this will serve as nothing but a way for these moderators to ostracize themselves from the community. I appreciate everything you (and your associates) have done to bring this to light. Keep up the good work.

  2. Ooo! Skype! How would one go about joining said group?

  3. The internet is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

  4. Posted by lightburns on July 1, 2008 at 10:14 am

    Thrawn, that is damn brilliant. It’s almost worth the whole crapness just to read what you managed to pull up and string together in a somewhat brilliant way. You could be a writer of some sort 😛

  5. In my zeal to be equally harsh and to hurry up the process I have in the process hurt the innocent more than should have been. Elles, I have read more of what has transpired, I still don’t and never will know the whole story but I think the source of this trouble is unfortunately from a few of the mods, a vast majority whom are awesome beyond belief, unless I see more to say otherwise until then but on this course I’m with you.

  6. […] Evolved Rationalist reminded us in Thrawn’s comments: “The internet is SERIOUS […]

  7. Hahaha, wow, you really make them look like morons. Anyways, thumbs up for the post, for its wits and brilliant writing.

  8. […] the guys have been afflicted with some a case of Orwellian doublespeak. The real story behind this decision is a bit more murky, disturbing and juvenile. (See what I did […]

  9. thats for sure, brother

  10. Posted by Dan on November 16, 2008 at 5:20 am

    I’m getting to this a little late, but I experienced the same nonsense during my brief fling with chat.

    My main concern was that the atrocious behavior the moderators reflected very poorly on RD and his website. I am glad it is has been removed and thank you for that rant!

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