First of all, this is a picture of Richard Dawkins in a trench coat shortly after he got out of the free screening of Expelled which PZ Myers was expelled from. Ignore the epicness of that picture and concentrate on the little things which I have circled.

What do those look like?


ZOMG, there are spirits around Richard Dawkins. The one on his shoulder must be whispering words into his ear which he then writes in his militant Atheist literature, the one at the top must be watching him and making sure that he doesn’t do anythign that Satan doesn’t like, and the one by his pocket must be controlling his hand gestures!

Or… they could just be the camera flash reflecting off of dust or water particles in the air.

Seriously, if you want a picture of a ghostly orb, go outside with a digital camera while it’s raining lightly and snap random pictures. I can virtually guarantee you’ll see some ghostly orbs.

And that’s my try-it-yourself recommendation for the day.

Carry on.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Snow fairies are even more fun (though I haven’t seen any flocking around Richard Dawkins). They come out whenever it is snowing, especially at night, and they’re attracted to cameras with a flash.

  2. Ah, so that’s what they are! I recently bought a new camera and have noticed that some flash photography was capturing these artefacts, but had no idea what they were. I thought they were an aberration of the lens or a miscapture by the CCD. Now I know. Thanks!

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