Ignunt Fool of the Week

This week’s ignunt fool of the week is…

George W. Bush

As if you needed to be told that he’s an ignunt fool.

I’ve been reading The Assault on Reason by Al Gore. In some parts I love him. In other parts, particularly where he tries to make a weak case for the decisions Bush has made in favour of the religious right being motivated more by ideology than by faith, he annoys me. Which makes me wonder why I’m not going to bother making him IFW for this week, but I’ll pass judgement when I’m done…

Anyway, his comments on Bush’s presidency has inspired me to do a special Ignunt Fool of the Week on a few of my favourite things that Bush has done.

  1. The Iraq War – Forged documents to make it seem like Iraq had attempted to purchase yellow-cake uranium and other “evidence”. Something around $875 billion later, no weapons of mass destruction and the country isn’t stable. One good thing, though. That arse, Saddam Hussein, is out of power. Saudi Arabia, North Korea, etc. are still run by tyrannical arses.
  2. Abstinence-Only Sex Education – Teens are going to be having sex anyway. It’s just a question of whether or not they’re going to use condoms to not get STDs or pregnant.
  3. Patriot Act – Nothing says 1984 like ignoring the fourth amendment and disrespecting people’s privacy without a warrant to hunt down terrorists. How many terrorist attacks have been averted by wire-tapping without warrants again?
  4. Torture – As another “fuck you” to the Bill of Rights, let’s torture people!
  5. Etc. etc. ad nauseum – I could go on but I’m too sleep deprived.

And now, just to end with what I think may be the only Bush quote I can agree with…

“Freedom and fear, justice and cruelty, have always been at war, and we know that God is not neutral between them.”

George W. Bush

For a God who doesn’t speak a word against slavery, who sent a flood to wipe out every living thing on Earth, who wants us to surrender reason and freethought for blind faith, who sends anybody who doesn’t believe in His son to an eternity of Hell fire no matter how good they are, you can’t argue with that.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by rdthrawn on June 21, 2008 at 1:21 am

    Republicanfail newspeak minitrue approved doubleplusgood.

  2. [referring to God] “who wants us to surrender reason and freethought for blind faith,”

    I am trying not to misquote you but I thin you should review 2 Thesallonians 5:21, it tells us to do the exact opposit of sacrificing our reason and freethought.

  3. Argh, spelling when its midnight, I will correct my spelling errors




  4. Yellow-cake uranium? Is that like urinal-cake uranium?

    And how can he seriously use the words “abstinence only” with the words “sex education”. That’s not sex ed, that’s un-sex ed.

  5. @ JTK:
    Not to misquote the Bible, but doesn’t it also say somewhere to believe in God like a child?

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