Science for Creationists Made Easy!

Well, I was asked nicely.

WE NEED YOU! — I am looking for people who can “seed” the Made Easy series, either hosting it on their websites, mailing DVDs to schools or to other ‘seeds’, or spreading through BitTorrents. If you can help spread a bit of science and counter the rolling tide of creationist ignorance, please get in touch. Message me with a description of what you can do. Thanks!

The ‘Made Easy’ series is designed to explain the evidence that shows how we got here, from the Big bang to human migration out of Africa. A better quality version will soon be available for free download from a website — details to be announced. I will be happy to send DVDs free of charge to schools after the series is finished.

The ‘Made Easy’ series of videos can be freely copied and distributed for educational purposes, but cannot be used for commercial gain in whole or in part. They cannot be altered, transformed or added to. If you use repost these videos you must attribute them to ‘Potholer54 on YouTube.”

Yay science!


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  1. Cool video. I find it absolutely amazing how with such an availability of knowlege and evidence regarding matters such as the beginning of the universe and the formation of life on Earth that there is still such an insurgency of creationists and intelligent design beliefs. Honestly I sometimes wonder if it isn’t more of an effort to believe in creationism than it is to pick up Stephen Hawkings or Darwin or some other greater scientific writer. Sure the math might get a little lost on some of us but in general this is all easily accessible material. Anyway, once again, cool vide, thanks.

  2. I have heard Christians say they “don’t have enough faith to believe in evolution.” I fail to see what faith has to do with it, when anyone can get involved and observe the facts for themselves!

  3. Posted by zsirrom on June 17, 2008 at 7:23 pm

    This still doesn’t give any evidence for how the “big bang” got started, or how life began. Also the supposed evidence for the “big bang” fails to even come close to convincing me that it is indeed how the universe came to be. If you have taken a high-school level Chemistry class you should know what extrapolation is, but you should also know that when you extrapolate, the amount of data that you assume will continue the pattern must be negligible compared to the total amount of data you have. Extrapolating what happened 12 billion years ago from just decades, maybe a century of gathering data is completely ridiculous. Also it is a very scientifically unsound way to gather data.

  4. It’s not exactly extrapolation. See, because of the speed of light, an object that is say… two million light years away will appear as it did two million years ago. When you look towards the center of the universe you can see the universe as it was just a little while after the big bang because it’s so many light years away.

    And no, we don’t know how the Big Bang got started, but it’s highly illogical to say “Oh, I don’t know… GOD DID IT!” as then you’d have to explain how God got started.

    Go read up on some physics and astronomy, K?

  5. I think these videos are great.

    But perhaps it’s not that creationists don’t understand the scientific point of view on matters such as the universe.

    They simply don’t want to understand it.

    An explanation such as the one found in Genesis can be both simple and comforting. Why mess with that?

    Just to clear things up, I AM NOT a creationist. Just saying… And I agree with your last comment and the video: Science is certainly better than sitting in an armchair and guessing.

  6. […] may also find enjoy reading this background on evolution (with video), how Christianity believes it’s right and all other religions are wrong, and this sad account […]

  7. Posted by zsirrom on June 23, 2008 at 4:08 am

    Christianity isn’t about us being right and all other religions being wrong, if thats your view you’ve completely missed the point. Christianity is about building a relationship with God. The God who sent his son live a perfect life for us and take the punishment that we deserve, so that we might come to know him and be saved from an eternity of torment.

  8. I posted this video on my blog! 🙂

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