Freakin’ Selfish Replicators

Ah! A meme from Homologous Legs!

Ok, ok, ok… I hate chain letter passionately. But… blogging memes are different. I’m not quite sure why, but they are a little less dumb so I’ll do it.

Q1. How would you define “atheism”?

The lack of belief in a god (meaning supernatural consciousness) or gods who interfere with the physical universe.

Q2. Was your upbringing religious? If so, what tradition?

No. Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster…

Q3. How would you describe “Intelligent Design”, using only one word?


Q4. What scientific endeavour really excites you?

Space exploration.

Q5. If you could change one thing about the “atheist community”, what would it be and why?

I know there’s some trapdoor spider hiding in the shadows waiting to spring out, tackle me, and scream “appeaser!”, but I think we could be nicer to theistic evolutionists. They’re already compartmentalized, and they usually help us out.

Q6. If your child came up to you and said “I’m joining the clergy”, what would be your first response?

Well, if that’s what floats your boat, I can’t stop you. I would prefer if you did something productive with your life, though. I implore you to think about it some more, go to college first, and then when you’ve lived life a while and you’ve learned more and you’re sure it’s what you want to do, go ahead. Do remember that it’s probably going to suck… a lot.

Q7. What’s your favourite theistic argument, and how do you usually refute it?

They’re all poor and get used over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Eventually the “arguments” refutations all sound the same.

Q8. What’s your most “controversial” (as far as general attitudes amongst other atheists goes) viewpoint?

Since controversy leads to traffic and I don’t get much traffic, I guess I don’t have one. I should get one. Maybe Thrawn has one?

Q9. Of the “Four Horsemen” (Dawkins, Dennett, Hitchens and Harris) who is your favourite, and why?

Dawkins because he’s the only scientist and because science rules. Though, I do love how much science Dennett uses in his philosophy.

Q10. If you could convince just one theistic person to abandon their beliefs, who would it be?


Now name three other atheist blogs that you’d like to see take up the Atheist Thirteen gauntlet:

1. Chicken Girl

2. Intrinsically Knotted

3. Metamagician and the Hellfire Club

Oh, which reminds me… I haven’t linked to Russell Blackford on my “People I Appreciate” thingamabob. I need to do that.

OK, people… go to his site. He’s amazingly awesome. Seriously, go. I owe him traffic-love for forgetting to link to him so many times. GO!


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  2. Seriously, I don’t think it’s ever wrong to be “nicer” to anyone. Nice doesn’t equal condoning their actions. It means that just because someone else is an asshole, doesn’t mean I have to be one too.

    As far as controversy goes, I don’t think people are very easily surprised anymore. I think the only way I have been able to shock anyone lately is by saying that a human embryo is a parasite. As the definition of a parasite is an organism that depends on another for ife, I am correct. But people don’t like to think about it in quite so crude a term, especially if it is a very wanted and loved little parasite.

    Anyway: APPEASER!

  3. Appeaser!

    (As I don’t want to be accused of link spam, search for ‘spineless appeasers’ on my blog for the reason why.)

  4. Actually, it’s not my meme. Nullifidian ( came up with it, and I was just taking part.

    Good answers though, but I’m not sure Muhammad is still alive… Though if he is, he’s got my vote.

  5. I won’t join in and shout APPEASER! (oops) because I mostly agree. We’ve got two different battles here–getting real science to replace fantasy, and advocating nonreligion. Certainly the two are related and success in one will make the other easier, but I have no problem with letting theistic evolutionists believe God is behind evolution as long as they acknowlege the science when they see it.

  6. I agree that we need to be more accepting of theistic evolutionists (though I’m still going to be sarcastic and make fun of their sky pixie). I almost always try to be civil with people, but I can also be purposely overly polite. They frequently don’t even realize I’m mocking them. XD

    Controversy. Pfft. I have controversy and I don’t get any traffic. I’m an anarchist/elitist/egotist, for crying out loud.

  7. As a theistic evolutionist, after reading the comments on being kinder to theistic evolutionists, I feel so loved (sarcasm)

  8. Awww….just quit deluding yourself about the imaginary sky daddy and embrace the beauty of science and reason. 🙂

  9. […] City Atheists who nearly missed the tag from Chicken Girl who was turned into a meme replicator by Splendid Elles who probably picked it up after some leg humping action from Homologous Legs who was never bitten […]

  10. […] City Atheists who nearly missed the tag from Chicken Girl who was turned into a meme replicator by Splendid Elles who probably picked it up after some leg humping action from Homologous Legs who was never bitten […]

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