Apparently I joined Twitter on May 19 of this year because the BadAstronomer was on it (yes, I normally do things because other people are doing it if I don’t know why they’re doing it). So, I joined, played around with my profile a bit, then forgot about it until just now.

I can’t say that I’ve really discovered the reason for its existence yet, but I think that it’s a social networking site with a stalkerish/cultish flair to it. Instead of friending people you “follow” them and a little thing pops up and fades away saying “You are now following (insert person here)”.

And instead of accumulating friends, you accumulate “followers”.

So far, I only have one follower and you can’t be a cult leader with only one follower. So, if you want to join my cult follow me on Twitter, log in and follow me, or register. K?

While I’m at it, I wish that a certain co-author would get on a few social networking sites… hint hint!

Update: Thrawn has a Twitter! And we STILL have no idea what it exists for but our cult is growing!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Awww….a Dawkfangirl. That’s sweet.

  2. Good luck, if you stick with it. I personally don’t see the point other than to do massive lunch meet ups.

  3. It exists for… um, stalking?

    I dunno.

    How about World Domination? Let’s go with that.

  4. I started following him too, until the Friendly Atheist pointed out that Dawkins claims it’s not really him. Dizzying.

    My reason for Twitter-the Phoenix lander. STS-124 didn’t quite have the idea of it. Oh, and that guy who got out of jail using it. You never know when you might become a political prisoner, after all.

    For those who don’t want the constant texts and IMs and whatever, you can always just not enable “devices” for any of your feeds, and read quick blurbs online at the end of the day. Or, if you’re a glutton for punishment you can just have it send you Fark headlines nonstop.

    Twitter makes me nervous in ways that Facebook only dreams of, but it’s growing on me.

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