Compare and Contrast

And so we have now narrowed down the election to two candidates, McCain and Obama. I actually think that either one would be an improvement, but it’s always helpful to compare and contrast. And so, I have two videos to present to you on the single issue of secularism.

Now, granted, secularism is not the only issue one should use to decide who should be the next president, but the point of secularism is that one isn’t dragging antiquated beliefs from thousands of years ago into decision making.

But, I’m not particularly strongly against or strongly for either candidate, though I believe I have hinted at leaning towards Obama more than once.

And so… the videos.

(via Homosecular Gaytheist)

(via Pharyngula)


One response to this post.

  1. Thanks for the vids…Obama might not be soo bad after all…and all this time I have been a Clinton-fan 🙂

    Well, I would have payed more attention if I were allowed to vote over there, I guess…

    Kungälv, Sweden

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