It’s all your fault. Yes, I mean you. All of you (especially Phil Plait). All of my readers of this blog (and all you people who are finding it by Googling “C David Parsons”). I have just had the 20,000th view on this blog.

As punishment, I am forcing you all to participate in a 20,000th view party. You are all required to bring the following items to the party.

  1. Root Beer – I’m still below the drinking age, remember?
  2. Flan – Yum! Mexican pudding!
  3. Chips – What kind of a party doesn’t involve chips?
  4. Guacamole – Delicious!
  5. A (insert favourite classical composer here) CD – I’m not into modern pop music. Bring something worth listening to.

You are also required to bring a friend who does not currently read my blog to this party… well… OK, fine. I won’t force you to do that. Even though it’s all your fault that I’ve had my 20,000th view, I’m merciful and I won’t force that upon you… But do it anyway.


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  1. Posted by Arthwollipot on June 3, 2008 at 3:39 am

    Okay, but it might be tricky to get there, since I’m currently 10,000km away. I don’t know that I can get root beer in Australia, but I’d be happy to send you some Bach.

  2. Posted by Alex, FCD on June 3, 2008 at 3:52 am

    I’m game. I’ll bring a lovely recording of a Brahms Waltz, courtesy the blogger Paul Cantrell.


  3. Shostakovich should fit the bill! I’ll even bring my parakeet, who happens to be named Dimitri Shostakovich. She especially appreciates his Fifth Symphony being blasted at all hours of the night!



  4. Mexican pudding? Now that’s a new one!

    You might want to go with enchiladas, mole, huachinango a la talla or even cemitas.


  5. I’m currently in Hawaii, so I’ll have to not come

  6. It’s a fair trip from UK but congrats, How about some new orchestral music like Variations by Andrew Loydd Webber or a little Tubular Bells?

  7. Posted by graffitimyhrt on June 3, 2008 at 2:45 pm

    Congrats , Ellie….I am perhaps half a world away, so all I can do is to comment(!)…..You know, you should have an online party of sorts.

  8. As far as flan goes, I’ve always seen it more as soggy cake.

    I’ll bring some good El Paso salsa – I can never find good salsa anywhere but here. But hey, I’m only, what, about 1000 miles from you? Just a hop skip and a jump down I-25. XD

    I’m a fan of Bach, and, if you can bear some modern composers, Hans Zimmer. How about symphonic rock?


  9. Congrats!

    *bows down to Elles*

  10. Posted by Rowan on June 4, 2008 at 4:59 am

    I am having the same logistical difficulties as Arthwollipot, however I would be pleased to bring the emotional roller coaster that is Dvorak’s 9th Symphony. Also, I tried root beer once and didn’t like it, I am partial to ginger ale though, that is ridiculously tasty. I mean it.

  11. We are currently almost 2,000 miles away but have an idea. We recently passed through Denver and met some people we’d like to send in our absence. We met some people on the street pushing a website (and idea) called Religion Is A Lie. Have you heard of these guys before? To those who have not, don’t get too excited; it’s not what you think. We had a long conversation (not fight) with these guys.

    I’m sure you and your guests would have a great time debating members of this religion who claims not to be a religion.

  12. Posted by Relas on June 5, 2008 at 3:41 am

    Ew… flan is disgusting.

    But I love root beer!

    I’ll bring some Rachmoninov… or Chopin. Or both!

  13. Posted by Sergei on June 9, 2008 at 8:13 am

    Congratulations, Ellie!
    Your blog really deserve to be read by thousands of people. Your passion, your intelligence, your rationalism, your writing style really amaze me. I even introduced your blog to my daughter. She’s 11 and just starting blogging.
    I’ll bring Vivaldi The Seasons. “Winter” is my favorite.
    About beer… um, is it ok if I sneak in some Guinness? But don’t worry, I’ll bring root beer for you 🙂

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