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Get Richard Dawkins on Oprah: Update

I’ve made a Facebook group for getting Richard Dawkins on Oprah. Teehee!

And while I’m at it, those of you who haven’t friended me yet ought to do so. I promise that I won’t ever send you a chain letter because I’m not that stupid.


Think About Hard Things

Ever have one of those great ideas but find out that somebody has beat you to it? My idea was to inspire the other teenagers around me to be something more than anti-intellectual slackers who goof off.

And then I found out that there is a pair (twins!) of teenagers named Alex and Breet Harris that has been doing just that. They wrote a book called Do Hard Things (image from which encourages teens to get off of their sorry arses and… do hard things.

Splendid! Except…

They support that ignunt fool Mike Huckabee, are planning on speaking at Focus on the Family later this month, and in their interview with NPR (how I heard of them) Alex said that “Our life narrative is are we being faithful servants to Jesus Christ? And when that’s the narrative it makes sense to be doing what we’re doing. And if that’s not the narrative… it’s kind of meaningless ultimately.”

To be fair, the other twin said that the point of doing hard things is to grow so you don’t necessarily have to share their faith. But, on their website they say that they’re doing it “for the glory of God” and I’m afraid that, as an Atheist, I’d have to say that they’re doing the right thing for the wrong reason.

The way I see it, they’re doing the right thing to suck up to Jesus and the Judeo-Christian god. So, why do I think that teenagers should actually be doing something with their lives at this age?

Because you’d be surprised about the wisdom we can gain from 13-18 years on Earth (I certainly gained quite a bit, though I’d be the first to say I don’t know everything yet). Because we all have talents which we are capable of applying to fixing problems. Because we’re all human and humans ought to do good in the world.

I think that Alex and Brett probably agree with those reasons, even if they’re doing it for other reasons.

But, as much as I would endorse activism for teenagers, activism for a bad cause does more harm than good. Which is why I would not just encourage teenagers to be activists, but to also think about the causes they are supporting. If teenagers can learn to be freethinkers, I have reason to believe they will do what is right more often than what is popular, or what their parents have indoctrinated want them to do.

Think about hard things. Then do hard things.

Ignunt Fool of the Week

This week’s ignunt fool of the week is…

James Randi

Why? He thought that Uri Geller didn’t have real telekinetic powers when he clearly demonstrated his spoon-bending powers multiple times like in this video which eliminates all possibility of trickery!

Alright, alright… Just kidding (and Mr. Randi, if you’re reading this, I’m terribly sorry and I didn’t mean it).

I’m actually dedicating this week’s ignunt fool of the week to everybody who bought into Uri Geller’s claims without investigating them sceptically.

And I know, I know… it’s easy to be fooled, but James Randi was putting the truth out there for years and people still insisted on believing Uri Geller was the real thing.

In the days before the Internet, I suppose it took more effort to research this stuff, but it’s a lot easier nowadays to investigate claims since the invention of… Google.

Google is amazing. Type in something like, say… magnetic therapy. That’s how I first stumbled upon The Skeptic’s Dictionary which turned out to be an amazing resource for the sceptical investigation of claims.

So, in the Age of Google, don’t be lazy. Check on these claims before you decide to be a blind sheep.

My Fault

This is why insane people like me should be kept off of the Internet. In the forum, Stella started a thread asking “Would Professor Dawkins ever consider appearing on Oprah?”

I know that Oprah is a New Age charlatan pusher, but consider the reach of her influence, and the size of her audience. I think Professor Dawkins’s polite, well-spoken approach might at least cause a little spark of reason in the minds of some of those millions of people (mostly women, mostly religious).

I don’t know if Dawkins would ever even consider such a thing, or if Oprah would have him on.

Richard Dawkins himself replied within minutes.

Of course I would. My publishers would murder me if I didn’t. The problem is to get invited.
And I just couldn’t help myself…
Letter writing campaign? It can’t be too hard to flood her inbox with e-mails.
I posted a query in the Richard Dawkins group, asking if there had ever been any talk about him appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=45556

Professor Dawkins said, “Of course I would. My publishers would murder me if I didn’t. The problem is to get invited.”

If you’d like to see him on the show, which would definitely increase the profile of atheism in “middle America”, please send an email to the show’s producers at:

I realize that the type of “spirituality’ Oprah usually focuses on is anathema to most of us here, and that it is unlikely he would be invited to appear, since her audience is comprised mainly of middle-class, female, American theists who would necessarily be offended by Oprah appearing to “endorse” atheism in any way. But it is undeniable that the current media climate is conducive to an increased presence of atheist viewpoints, as evidenced by recent appearances by Dawkins, as well as Hitchens, Dennet, Harris, Hirsi Ali, etc. on a wide variety of programs. There is a lot of talk about the “New Atheists” – I think, if approached the right way, Oprah and her producers might realize this topic has a lot of “good television” potential, and that Professor Dawkins, who is so well-spoken, accessible, and polite, would be a great guest.

Now, I don’t know how productive an appearance on Oprah would really be for the Professor, but the idea of putting Dawkins on with the Queen of Woo Woo Talkshows is simply too amusing to ignore. You can help make my day!

The Vatican is in on it!

You know that huge UFO cover up? The government’s in on it… the media’s in on it… the Big Science conspiracy is in on it… and the Vatican is in on it too!

The Virgin Mary miracle of May 13th 1917 was actually a UFO sighting, and for the 91st anniversary the chief astronomer of the Vatican said it was OK to believe in aliens because they know that UFOs are real!

Seriously, though… UFO enthusiasts are seeing them everywhere. I once got sent a link to an article in Pravda saying that there were ruins on the other side of the moon. Pravda was the former propaganda arm of Stalin. What a reliable source!

When they’re willing to overlook history that I learned in 8th grade, you know that they’re desperate.

Friday, 8th Period

“Friday, 8th Period” refers to the most ignunt time of my week. 8th period is when I have Speech & Debate and Friday is when the ignunce is most potent.

The school year is almost over, and I (hopefully) probably will never have a class like my Speech & Debate class again. But, I had an idea a while back to do a regular feature on my blog called “Friday, 8th Period” which I would post every Monday. In it, I figured I’d include quotes which were said in my Speech & Debate class and share some of the ignunce with the world.

As I’ve said, I’m likely going to run out of such quotes soon, but when I do, it’s quite likely that I will hear quotes of the type I would’ve heard in my Speech & Debate class.

This week, I have a persuasive speech that was delivered in class on the Oreo cookie, courtesy of Matt.

(Acts like Ninja). Now that I have your attention, I am here to tell you why the Oreo is the best cookie.

Oreos are the best cookie because they are the most versatile popular and that they can relieve stress.
Oreos come in many varieties including but not limited to Golden Oreo, uh oh Oreo, the mini Oreo, the double stuffed Oreo, the big stuff Oreo, Oreo cakesters, and 100-calorie packs Oreo otherwise known as Oreo thinstations in Canada.

How many ways can you eat a regular chocolate chip cookie? The answer is not many. With an Oreo one can eat it all once, take their time, eat just the cookie, just do the filling, twist the two halves apart like the filling and eat the cookie, or the ever popular method of dipping the entire cookie and milk then using one of the previously stated methods.

According to a study I conducted 95% of people prefer Oreos dipped in milk to King Soopers brand, Kido’s dipped in milk. If this statistic was applied to our school with a population of around a 3600, only 180 kids would not prefer Oreos dipped in milk to the kiddos dipped in milk.

Oreos come in more varieties than any other cookie these varieties include but are not limited to Golden Oreo, uh oh Oreo, the mini Oreo, the double stuffed Oreo, the big stuff Oreo, Oreo cakesters, and 100 calorie packs Oreo otherwise known as Oreo thinstations in Canada.

Oreos slogan is “milk’s favorite cookie” now if this wasn’t true wouldn’t Nabisco be sued for false advertising? Would everyone try to sue them to be a millionaire? The answer is yes. Still don’t believe me? In January 2000, Kathleen Robertson of Austin Texas was awarded $780,000.00 by a jury of her peers after breaking her ankle tripping over a toddler who was running amuck inside a furniture store. The owners of the store were understandably surprised at the verdict, considering the misbehaving tyke was Ms. Robertson’s son according to This proves my point fully.

Now in my interview with Erin Eskovitz a caterer with a degree in culinary arts who is also currently in the process of opening a restaurant witch already has such celebrity investors as Paris Hilton’s grandfather who invested 50,000 dollars she said “my favorite cookie is a peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips.” I asked why she said, “Because it is rich and elegant” how a cookie can be elegant, I don’t know, however, she is wrong. This so called cookie can only be eaten in bites unlike an Oreo witch can be eaten in many ways. Oreo 1 stooped (stupid) cookie zero. This cookie comes in one variety, Oreos come in many varieties these varieties include but are not limited to Golden Oreo, uh oh Oreo, the mini Oreo, the double stuffed Oreo, the big stuff Oreo, Oreo cakesters, and 100 calorie packs Oreo otherwise known as Oreo thinstations in Canada.

When I get stressed I don’t take a bubble bath, punch a whole in the wall, light some scented candles or funny fourth thing, I eat chocolate. Oreos are 2 parts chocolate and 1 part filling, I like that ratio. So when you get stressed to the max don’t funny fourth thing, have an Oreo. Or have a lot of reduced fat Oreos. Oreos come in many varieties these varieties include but are not limited to Golden Oreo, uh oh Oreo, the mini Oreo, the double stuffed Oreo, the big stuff Oreo, Oreo cakesters, and 100 calorie packs Oreo otherwise known as Oreo Thinstations in Canada.

Yes. He really repeated eight different types of Oreos that many times.

Random Videos Sunday

No, this won’t be a regular feature. Just some random videos.

Inherit the Wind

Dr. Strangelove

Spanish Inquisition


Sex Education

That Doctor Who Theme Tune…