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For those of you who came over from Bad Astronomy and never left, I hope that you’ve made yourselves comfortable on my blog. We should have fun. Maybe we can organize a Spanish Inquistion tea party!

Alright, that was an inside joke I made with my History teacher. I don’t expect anyone to get it.

But anyway, to prevent an uneven distribution of pseudo-Internet-fame, I am plugging a few websites which I find are also wonderful to look at.

Homo economicus is a good source of political analysis and has a wonderful sense of humour, though it often causes great pains in my sides. His most recent post has open letters between Rabbi Shmuley and Dawkins. It’s well worth reading through. It’s another one of those things that he does that makes my sides hurt so much.

Anybody who thinks that I think I know everything just because I’m a teenager should see how much Rachael, a contributor to the blog Imbrickle, frightens me with how much she knows about neurology. And she’s sending me a fossil for knitting her a Slytherin scarf! Cool!

If you want to make me aware of the existence of theistic evolutionists, that’s all well and good, but I already know of their existence. If you’re looking for an ex-young-earth-creationist-theistic-evolutionist blogger, here’s one. If you’re an avid reader of AiG who’s going to go over there just to say that he’s a false Christian, don’t. He’s a friend of mine, and he has enough of those trolls already.

ChickenGirl often has unique news, and is a wonderful read.

If you’re interested in following the weird, and often disturbing actions of the cult of Scientology, The Frame Problem is an excellent resource.

Math is fascinating. If you disagree, go over to Intrinsically Knotted. There’s also writings on atheism and good stuff.

And there’s… Reed.

What, that Elles girl? I think that she’s a total twatbitchcuntwhorestreisand. If she were of legal age, I’d say fuck her!

You know I love you, Elles. You’re like that annoying little sister that I have to accept as a family member although I secretly wish that mum had gotten an abortion.

Yup. He’s always that interesting… almost always… mmmm… kind of.

Evolved and Rational has the most interesting trolls. She has fascinating content too.

And finally, The Flying Trilobite and The Darkened Face of Heaven have a skill which I only possess on the piano. Art. The Darkened Face of Heaven has more poetry. Either way, they’re better than me.


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  1. Hi, I love Homo Economicus’ blog as well.

    You should drop by my site, I think you’d like it: I debunk creationism!


  2. I have two blogs you should take time to visit. Both deals with debunking creationist beliefs on dinosaurs and here they are.

    The great Dinosaur Mystery and the Big Lie

    Dinosaurs and The Bible A Creationist’s Fairy Tale

  3. Thanks for the plug (I was kidding about that in my other comment)!

    Have you gotten any proper trolls yet?

  4. Oh, I’ve scared off most of them. It’s the REALLY stupid ones that stick around on other people’s blogs.

  5. Posted by Alex, FCD on May 16, 2008 at 12:59 am

    And she’s sending me a fossil for knitting her a Slytherin scarf!

    Best sentence evah!

  6. Thanks for the plug. 😀

    And trolls are fun. I like to have them with salt and pepper.

  7. Nobody expects a Spanish Inquisition tea party!

    Thanks for the shout-out! You’re a wonderful read too. 🙂

  8. Thanks for the link to Intrinsically Knotted. I hadn’t seen that one before.

  9. Thanks for quote-mining me and making me sound like a paedophile. Always appreciated.

  10. Reed always accuses people of quote-mining him. Tsk tsk.

    Reed, in case you are offended at my comment…go over to my blog and click the link on my sidebar…

  11. As a codophile who doesn’t venture out of technical blogs too much, thanks for the links.

  12. Thanks for the hat tip, Ms. Splendid!

    Art s like anything. It just takes a lot of practice. I highly recommend the exercises in Drawing on the Right-Side of the Brain. Great book.

    Y’know, in case you are looking for a new hobby after receiving an influx of requests for Slytherin-scarves.

  13. Reed speaking of which I found a photo of Boteach with Michael Jackson at a birthday party.

    A picture paints a thousand words …

    Thanks Elles 🙂

  14. Can one tell the value of a blog by the quality of the trolls it attracts? That would be an interesting study. I’m sure it would just tell me what I already know: no trolls = no internet presence. For every troll looming under your bridge, there are many civilized readers who are on top enjoying the lovely view.

  15. Thanks for the links! I’ll have to mosey on over to those sites.

    -A reader from Bad Astronomy who hasn’t left. lol.

  16. Oh, Reed. You needn’t worry. Everybody knows that you’re a fag*… er… have a different sexual orientation.

    *That was just a playful jab at Reed. No offence to any other homosexuals reading this.

  17. Posted by Christian Treczoks on May 17, 2008 at 7:57 pm

    Hi, Ellen,

    I too came from the BA blog, and I’m bound to stay.

    Nice and cosy over here, too!

  18. I’ve got your fossil all packaged and ready to go too!
    Unfortunately, the post was closed when I got there today. Next time!

    * I had a little fun using pages from Lee Strobel as protective wrapping — I figured, the book has been on my shelf for years, might as well do something productive with it. 😉

    Hay — any word from you on Little Brother?

    – R

  19. The school newspaper had too much stuff to publish this year so my review didn’t make it. This fall it will, though. Arts & Entertainment editor was very pleased. She rarely gets book reviews because everybody wants to write about movies, concerts… Yeah… I kind of get why literate teenagers can be such Internet wonders.

  20. Not a bad way to start the fall. Nice work! Any chance you’ll post it here before then?

    About ignunt fools and illterate teenagers; you may enjoy the following article: http://www.damninteresting.com/?p=406

    Don’t miss the bit about the “false consensus” effect. This fallacy staggers me on a regular basis, even though I’ve been aware of it for years.


  21. Elles, what’s offensive about “faggot?” It’s a term I embrace with pride!

  22. Yes, YOU do. Not everybody does. Just saying…

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