High School Freethinkers, Come Out!

Imagine you’re reading your feeds, when you see a blog post about you. I’ve recently been seeing blog posts about me pop up all over the place, most recently from BadAstronomy.

From what I can tell, it’s mostly because I’m a teenage freethinker. Now, I am quite flattered and all, and I can understand why people find this such a remarkable phenomenon, but I know that I’m not the only one out there. Right?

I don’t hear crickets… oh. There they are now.

Just kidding. I know you’re out there. Maybe you run a blog just like me. Maybe you’re not outspoken because of anti-intellectual peer pressure. So… I’m ripping off of the Out Campaign and making a “Scarlet F” because I thought that that would be amusing.

Made by NaonTiotami, who obviously has far more skills than I do.

Now, if you are a high school freethinker/skeptic/atheist/intellectual/all-around-cool-person (or know of one), I want to know about you. Leave a comment here, or send me an e-mail. If you have a blog or website, I’d be happy to give you linkage. I’m thinking of maybe doing a special section in my blog with links to high school freethinkers or something so that we can exchange ideas with each other, help each other out, be friends, have fun, etc.

In the meantime, check out the Center for Inquiry Campus Outreach site.

29 responses to this post.

  1. You have no idea how much I love you now. I shall display the Scarlet F proudly.

    Step 1: Unite. –Completed
    Step 2: Take over the world. –In Progress

  2. Great initiative, but something tells me people your age are more interested in myspace and the latest hip-hop album than the things that really matter…

  3. Posted by podblack on May 14, 2008 at 2:25 am

    Hello, I’m podblack – former high school teacher, current researcher. You might be interested in my site or more importantly, the site of a fellow young Australian who’s trying to encourage networking for young freethinkers.

    Splendid Elles – meet Skelliot and the rest of the gang: http://skepticsofcarlos.wordpress.com/

    Skelliot’s site is here: http://skelliot.wordpress.com/young-australian-skeptics-submission/
    I’m certain that he’d be interested in your input. Let’s see if ‘Haplo’ is right after all…? 😉

    Oh, I’m somewhere over here: http://www.podblack.wordpress.com?

  4. Posted by Copache on May 14, 2008 at 2:36 am

    Haplo: no. I’m 17 and am an atheist activist! I hate to put it like that, I really do, but what better way to describe Dawkin-esque pro-atheism anti-creationism/intelligent design stances?

    I know a few people like me as well. My cousin who is 16, my other cousin who is 18, a friend of mine who is either 15 or 16 (can’t remember)…

    There are more of us than you think…

    ALSO! How dare you assume hip-hop and MySpace can’t fit in with atheism! Greydon Square, anyone?

    Email sent, by the way. Awesome stuff, girl!

  5. I officially became an atheist when I was 12 and went to a Methodist school, no less. I’m no longer in high school, but I *was* one of the elusive high school freethinkers…

  6. Posted by Rob on May 14, 2008 at 4:01 am

    I became an atheist when I was a freshman in high school. I’m technically out of high school, but I guess I can still call myself a teenage atheist for about 6 months. High school as an atheist wasn’t a fun experience- I’m deep in Protestant country and know one single other atheist from my high school- but even though I didn’t go more than 50 miles to college, the difference in religious climate was very liberating.

    Of course, that all changed when I came home for the summer. I still have to put up the facade every Sunday and go to church.

  7. Hey, I saw this post on the Planet Atheism RSS feed, and I thought I would leave a comment.

    I’m a 16 year-old skeptic/atheist/evolution-proponent with a blog called “Homologous Legs” (naontiotami.wordpress.com) and a YouTube channel (youtube.com/profile?user=NaoTio). There’s a lot more of us than you think: nearly all my friends are atheists and skeptics, it’s just that I’m really the only one who gets on the Internet enough to become involved in lively debate.

  8. I’m not an atheist but I am for freethought. Does this group allow theists and deists t be freethinkers?

  9. Man, I wish I knew people like this in High School. I had to go to college twice before challenge my religion.

    Glad I stumbled upon your blog, good stuff here. Cheers!

  10. Posted by biosparite on May 14, 2008 at 5:05 am

    I am way too superannuated to qualify as a high-schooler, but I could not resist commenting on how I became an atheist: during seventh-grade homeroom, I was reading the opening chapters of that old chestnut, THE OUTLINE OF HISTORY BY H. G. Wells, when I came across some material on comparative Middle Eastern religions. The bunkum in GENESIS was held up in part as emblematic of a complex of myths that circulated generally among several ancient belief systems in that area. I realized our sixth-grade unit on mythology had in fact pointed up a universal tendency to seek simple explanations with magical thinking in pre-scientific times (and, of course, for many, especially in that buckle of the Bible Belt, Houston, such material is taught as the word of god and literal truth in the wealthy mega-churches). Sheesh!

  11. Hey!

    I’m not a high school student but I am “young” (21 is young.) And yes, I am creating a website called The Young Australian Skeptics and it will be released towards the end of this year. I’m collecting articles from other young people, educators or people who want to give a message to young skeptics (basically anyone really). These articles will make up the base content of the site, but once the site is up and running you will be able to submit your own articles any time you like!

    Check it out!


    Thanks 🙂

  12. Hey…
    I got to know this site from the bad astronomer…and you don’t know how much I like to stand for free thinking and skeptical inquiry ….the least I could do is to comment on your blog. I became an atheist from an agnostic after reading Carl Sagan…

    I’m 15 and I am from India…good thing to know that there are others like me.

  13. To Copache… and everyone else really 🙂

    That’s just great news, of course there are lots of us out there, but we pale compared to the religious dogmatic ones. It just happens that, because we are freethinkers, we are better suited to new technological trends, and thus internet is our nation. Here we are majority.

    I have been an atheist since I figured it out, and I can’t remember when was that. What I do remember is that back in primary school, I was the only one watching Cosmos, reading that Cousteau encyclopedia and getting interested in subjects that really matter, instead of praying god to do well in my tests.

    Congratulations to all, the world really needs people who rather know stuff than believe nonsense.

  14. Posted by Jeremy on May 14, 2008 at 7:25 pm

    Although I’ve been out of high school for a year now, I am still 17, and thus a teenage freethinker.

    I just finished reading through every single post on your blog. (Time well spent.) I actually came here from the Bad Astronomer, which I discovered from “The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe” podcast. (I highly recommend it for any freethinker or skeptic). Anyway, I will definitely add your blog to my daily browsing habits…

  15. “I just finished reading through every single post on your blog.”

    Wow… I haven’t even done that. Hope that you had fun, then.

  16. Posted by Jeremy on May 14, 2008 at 8:21 pm

    “Wow… I haven’t even done that. Hope that you had fun, then.”

    I didn’t read through all of the comments, if that’s what you’re thinking. Just the posts that you’ve written. And I definitely had fun!

  17. Howdy, howdy. Just thought that I’d leave a comment, seeing as how I’ve recently turned sixteen, display the scarlet A on my blog, read Bad Astronomy religiously (haha), etc… 🙂

    Holler at me sometime!

    And, I’m from Texas, so I really DO say, “Howdy,” in real life and therefore reserve the right to use it online, as well! 😉

  18. Posted by IBY on May 15, 2008 at 2:04 am

    Hey, I am a 17 years old skeptic, and former creationist(which lasted about 2 years), I am very passionate about science since I was very young, and dispise all distortion to science that is being made. Unfortunately, a bit too angry at times 🙂 I am also saddened at some of my christian friends who fell in the pitfall. Anyways, it feels like I am the only one around me who seems to think that way. I wish I had a blog, but I don’t know how. 😦

  19. Hey IBY, I am an ex-young earth creationist as well, and I share in your struggle.

    Making a blog is easy, one way is to go on blogger or some other site that hosts blogs and on the upper right part of the screen you will see a button that says “create blog,” then you follow the instructions from there

  20. Posted by Messier1 on May 15, 2008 at 4:14 pm

    Hi there! I am an 18 y-o high school skeptic/evolutionist. I too found you’re site through Bad Astronomy. Great blog you’ve got here!

    I enjoyed your post about creationism. I too work at a science center and i really admire your approach to dealing with creationists. Many of the people that I work with will walk away when confronted by a creationist but I really think that the wrong approach. Our job as educators is to present the facts as science currently knows them. Any creationist should realize that any modern science museum (except for that creation “museum” i’ve heard about) is going to present things to them that are against what they’ve been taught in church to believe. If they can’t deal with that, then tough…don’t come anymore!

    Anyways, sorry to ramble on like this. Keep up the good work!

  21. Posted by Mel on May 15, 2008 at 9:42 pm

    As far as the whole atheist thing goes, I don’t ever really remember believing in God. In fifth and sixth grade I went to something called 56 Club, which was a religious group, but I just went to be with friends. Even then, I never really thought someone was listening during the group prayer at the end. I used to pray before eating at a friend’s house, but I never went to church, which limited my exposure. I guess I really figured it out in the beginning of this school year, and I’m a freshman (who loved the evolution chapters in biology).

    As far as my school goes, I think we actually have a pretty large number of atheists. I’ve told a few friends, one who is an atheist as well. One time in class, a friend and I were talking about religion, and I said I didn’t believe in God. She said she was more agnostic, and the guy sitting next to us said he was agnostic, too. After class, she started listing names of people she knew were atheists/agnostic, and I was really surprised by the number of people that I knew.

    Just today, I found out that another person I know doesn’t believe in God. I guess I’m just pretty shocked by the number of people in the freshmen class that hold the same opinion as me. It just shows with how it’s a growing movement. The only sad thing about it is that not a lot of people are very open about their beliefs.

  22. What a lovely idea!

    Too bad my name beins with A and not F, so it just looks nicer to have a giant red letter A glaring at the reader, looming behind the words of my blog.

    Plus, I have emerged victorious from the ranks of the public education system, 3 years ago, actually. It’s not that bad once you get out, just a bit more isolated. (But I’m sure that has more to do with the fact that I move about every 3-6 months on average.)

  23. Count me in. I’m a junior, and I run a blog at a website I help run: http://blogs.scienceforums.net/capn/

    I am indeed an atheist, although (continuing the discussion in the above comments) I do not know anyone at my school who is. There is one who may be afraid to admit it (I would be, since I live in the Bible Belt), but no out-of-the-closet types. While I have not come out of the closet myself, I am the guy who instantly turns around when someone says “evolution breaks the third law of thermodynamics!” and points out that the third law only applies to closed systems and/or the entire universe.

    I enjoy your blog, by the way.

  24. Hm… I thought it was the second law they were always going after…

    Then again, they’re ignunt fools. I reckon that they’re equally as likely to be going after the 42nd law of thermodynamics.

  25. Oh. It is the second law. Well, I knew it had to be one of those three…

    Thanks for the linkage, by the way! I’ll add you to my blogroll as soon as I find out why nothing happens when I add you to my blogroll…

  26. Posted by pato2747 on May 17, 2008 at 11:32 pm

    I am a high school skeptic and freethinker as well. 🙂 If you want to contact me, please feel free to add me on MSN: pato2747 AT hotmail DOT com

    Or email me at Pato2747 AT gmail DOT com.

    I’ve been recently running a blog, http://thecasualskeptic.wordpress.com.

  27. Posted by podblack on May 19, 2008 at 12:34 pm

    Hi – can all those who want to be bloglinked either send email to podblack@gmail.com or post their link here? That way they can be all collected for networking. I’m hoping to get a few more connections going!

  28. James T. Kirk said, “I’m not an atheist but I am for freethought. Does this group allow theists and deists to be freethinkers?”

    Hey, I’m also a theist, and a junior, and (lately) an active member of the blogosphere! Check my blog out at http://pesharim.wordpress.com/ although soon enough I’ll be migrating that blog to my new much cooler sounding sub-domain.

  29. Posted by Αιφε Νι Χηοχηλαιν on June 30, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    Well, I’m definitely a freethinker, but I’m not a high school student.

    Comanche: Definitely- tell me where you have sign-up sheets.

    Haplo: *chuckles evilly* I would like to see you tell my friends that, never mind my relatives. My list includes at least 15 people in my 8th grade Science, Social Studies, Algebra II and English classes. I don’t agree with all of them all of the time, but they’re there. My 11-year-old sister asks me to tell you that she would gut you (with a spoon) if she ever heard you say that. Also, all of my relatives under the age of 18 (and many over) are all freethinkers (barring, possibly, those younger than 3). (Historically, both sides of my family have gotten in trouble for it.)

    James T. Kirk: Certainly! I am somewhere between agnostic and atheistic, but what you believe is not my problem. As long as you can think logically, it matters little whether you think a God, Goddess, or Gods exist.

    When was I definitely an atheist, freethinker, and science-oriented person? Well, I must profess an advantage here- my parents were extremely devoted atheists. However, I went through a brief period between ages 6 and 9 where I believed in God. My idea of God was very sketchy, but I KNEW there must be a God up there.

    Then, I learned about evolution.

    After that, I began confronting the fact that the idea of God was contradictory. If there was a garden with a tree of knowledge and you give mankind curiosity and then get angry (especially if you were an omniscient, omnipotent being) when they eat the fruit… Huh?

    Sarcasm followed soon afterward. So did becoming far more questioning and intellectual.

    So, with the good comes…the even better. Sarcasm and skepticism aren’t bad things, no matter what your teachers and parents tell you.

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