Purposefully left title-less.

Alright, alright… I wasn’t thinking at all when I wrote a post and titled it Creationists Are Pure Evil.” I have since renamed it to My Thoughts on Creationism. Why? One too many people, this time, George Paul Davis III, have missed the point of the post because of the title. Please read the post (and not by title only) before reading the rest so that this all makes more sense.

Angry? No. Amused? A little. However, it’s not the creationists who are amusing — it’s people who get so angry over this stuff. I think it’s funny because the anger seems baseless and programmed rather than genuine.

The first thing a person should do upon feeling “angry” about this is to ask him/herself why they feel that way.

Are you angry because the children do not get to choose what they are taught in their system of education? If that is the case, then I return that question back to you. Do your children choose the curriculum they are given in their own system of education? I was never asked about the curriculum given to me as a child.

I was given several doses of misinformation during my education. In public school, I was taught that Christopher Columbus discovered America as he was trying to prove that the Earth was round. The idea that Christopher Columbus would have had to prove the shape of the Earth to anyone in his time is, of course, nothing more than romantic fancy presented to children in elementary school as a fact (at least, it was taught as a fact in my day — Second Grade/1986). I was also given a set story about things like the Revolutionary War only to grow up and discover that different countries often have very different histories that are used to explain single events (i.e., the British explanation of the Revolutionary War and the American “victory” is quite different). Few people are “angry” over these bits of misinformation, so why is misinformation about dinosaurs so aggravating?

My guess, then, would be that people are not actually angry about the fact that these children do not get to choose whether or not they are given facts as education. Other than that, I don’t really see what exists in this situation that would conjure “anger.”

The worst that will happen to these kids is that they will grow up having been given false information about the origin of species. They’ll grow up thinking that the Earth is 6,000 years old, that men rode dinosaurs, and that lions are meant to eat grass. Big deal. Since when is being wrong such a tragedy? Who here has never lost an argument? These kids will face bigger issues as they grow up – this crap will be the least of their worries.

Even in making that statement, I am overlooking not only my personal experiences with this subject matter, but the confession of the museum scientist in the clip. He was raised to think as a Creationist, yet he does not. I was similarly raised, and I don’t follow the assumptions made by “Creation Science,” either. These kids will have the ability to choose what they believe when they’re older and are exposed to more materials.

Why, then, would this situation create so much “anger?” Religion. Religion has become a hot-topic for people. There is a kind of Retro-Inquisition going on, right now. Religion makes certain people angry – even when they aren’t directly affected by it.

It’s true that I don’t really expect much from the human animal and think that most of these kids will not become enlightened by science as they mature into adults. Rather, I think they will simply adhere to the easiest option – to stick to what one already “knows.”

Easy options are amongst the human being’s favorite type. It’s easy to accept information without proper contemplation, so people do it. For instance, your anger over this particular subject suggests that you blame Creation, an abstract concept created by HUMANS, for certain evils in the world. That’s just naïve.

Religion, and Creation through it, is just a story. It isn’t evil, it isn’t good, it isn’t anything without a human being’s manipulation to create, change or control it. In other words, “religion doesn’t kill people — people do.” You can’t be angry that these children are being given Creation as education without being angry at Creation as a concept. It doesn’t make sense to be angry at abstract concepts, but it does make sense to be angry at people who use them to do evil. What evil is being done here? Some kids are being made wrong. Is that really evil? They won’t grow up to be archeologists. It’s hard to find work as an archeologist, anyway. Thinking that the Flintstones is a documentary won’t prevent these kids from accomplishing great things. You can think that the Grand Canyon was made in a weekend and still be a successful and talented medical doctor – I’ve seen it.

If you are angry at Creation and Religion – or so it seems — because they can potentially cause evil, then you must also be angry at the concept of home-schooling for making this kind of an education possible. Further, you should be angry at the concept that individuals are allowed to make decisions for their own children, because it enables concepts like home-schooling which in-turn enables insane curriculums wherein children are taught Creation as a fact. If you are angry at these concepts then you must also be angry at an innumerable number of abstract concepts in order to make any logical sense as a human being.

Religion is not evil, it’s just silly. People are evil. Teaching kids that snakes can talk is not evil. A person who uses faith in Religion to manipulate children into sexual situations is evil. A person who uses faith in Religion to manipulate people into committing mass murder/suicide is evil. A person who uses faith in Religion to manipulate people into giving him/her free money is just a jerk. A person who uses faith in Religion to manipulate movies stars into believing that they are possessed by alien ghosts so they will give him/her lots of free money, I must begrudgingly admit, is kind of talented.

You’re not angry. You’re bored.


Ah… “The first thing a person should do upon feeling “angry” about this is to ask him/herself why they feel that way.” For those of you that read the post, you will notice that the entire post was explaining why I felt angry.

No, the point of the post was not that I think that creationism/creationists are evil. I get annoyed with because it distorts the truth. For those of you who read it by title only, I will tell you what the content of the post actually was.

I talked about how much I love science. I talked about how passionate I am about what is true. That is why it broke my heart so much to see it distorted. That is why it made me so very upset. I’m sorry that you can’t understand that I’m not bored, but that I’m passionate.

Even if you can not understand that passion, do you believe that people have a right to know the truth? Do we not despise totalitarian governments that control information, thus brain-washing the people? Why doesn’t this apply to children who’s parents control the information they are fed?

But, yes. A lot of fault falls upon me because I wasn’t thinking when I chose the post title. If I learned anything from The Selfish Gene it was that people pay little attention to content and more to titles. Is this because of laziness, or genuine mistakes? I can understand how titles will make people pre-disposed to read things that aren’t really there. Perhaps it is my fault that people did not understand the post if they actually did read it.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jillian Callahan on May 13, 2008 at 9:16 pm

    “I’m sorry that you can’t understand that I’m not bored, but that I’m passionate.”

    That just has to be other’s projecting on to your message. I can’t believe that post could be considered that unclear by anyone with the education and intellect to use a computer.

  2. I stick to a strict title only policy when it comes to reading. Thus far it’s proved to be relatively succesfull.

  3. Just to clear up a little bit about parents who choose to homeschool their children, we aren’t all creationists.

    The Evolved Homeschooler

    Just fwiw. 🙂

    (your blog showed up in the Google alerts about homeschooling)

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