I Should be in English Right Now

I’m not ditching, I’m just purposefully arriving late. It’s the most I can get away with when a teacher pisses me off.

On Friday, we had begun talking about Freud in English and a kid reccommended a book, A New Earth, to her because it apparently dealed with the ego. Over the weekend, I went ahead and took a look at it… and it was far from worth reading. The guy who wrote it is a Lamarckian evolutionist. Considering that he accepts evolution, that already puts him ahead of the curve… but Lamarckian evolutionists still go down in my book as idiots.

He also buys into the whole Gaia thing.

Not only that, but he says that everything is made of “vibrating energy fields” and that the reason why we can’t see thoughts is because these vibrating energy fields are vibrating at a higher frequency.

In short, whenever he said something about science, even if it were a correct fact, he managed to twist it around to something completely and utterly dumb.

I was explaining to my English teacher this morning how reading the book wouldn’t be worth her while because the science was wrong. Somehow I also started talking about how The Secret was another exemplary example of somebody twisting scientific jargon to either make a quick buck or comfort themselves, and she said in a rather harsh voice…

“You know what? I think you need to lighten up and deal with a little spirituality.”

She knows I’m a materialist.

Well, I’d have to say that for a materialist, I’m as happy as a lark. There is plenty in the real world to take awe and wonder from. Quantum mechanics on its own is freaking awesome. There’s no need to twist it to add in the spirituality.

I’d rather take happiness from something that’s real than all this ever so hallowed spirituality which needs to distort truth to make people happy.

And with that rant done, I’m going back to English.

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  1. They do like vibrating, don’t they? It amazes me how often I hear the words “vibration”, “frequency”, “resonate”, and so on in these piles of woo. Makes me want to send them back to physics class, or maybe a couse on signal processing. (Although I’d be afraid of the consequences of teaching them about Fourier series–if they should ever learn that any periodic signal is the sum of a series of sine waves of different frequencies, who knows what they’ll do?)

  2. “Vibrating energy fields” sounds like string theory. Of course, not knowing much of anything about string theory I have no idea whether it bears any actual resemblance to the real thing.

    Maybe the woo-woo people saw something on string theory on PBS one night and then just ran with it. :p

  3. Posted by James T Kirk on April 28, 2008 at 8:48 pm

    You know whats funny, my mom confused the secret with the string theory. She even thought I was promoting “The Secret” on my blog http://wwwcreatedrational.blogspot.com/2008/04/string-theory.html

  4. One of my favorite areas of math is knot theory, but some of my well-meaning friends keep confusing it with string theory. That’s not quite as frustrating as confusing it with The Secret, but considering the bad rep string theory has in some physics circles, I’m not particularly happy to have people think I’m studying string theory either.

  5. Time and the Hadron Collider will tell…

  6. LHC: It’s going to fucking kill you dead. May 2008.

  7. Posted by James T Kirk on April 29, 2008 at 3:53 am

    Evolved Rationalist who are you talking to?

  8. […] I heard about him in English class. A kid had mentioned that his mum was obsessed with the book because it had been on Oprah, and I was immediately sceptical considering that Oprah was sponsoring it. That dumb bat (no, bats are fine creatures… I will not bring them down to her level) tosh-bag supported The Secret after all, and here we are… still needing self-help. When I told my English teacher my criticisms of the book, I earned the remark… “You know what? I think you need to lighten up and deal with a little spirituality.” […]

  9. “You know what? I think you need to lighten up and deal with a little spirituality.”

    She’s offended that you aren’t as mushy-brained as she is. I’m quite tolerant of religious beliefs, but when people start making ridiculous claims my patience quickly runs out. There’s no reason you should feel bad for not rolling in the woo of The Secret and A New Earth.

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