Help Raise Mathis’ Blood Pressure

You can help raise Mark Mathis’ blood pressure! All you need is access to the Internet, and some links which I’m about to provide.

First, there’s a poll on MySpace. If enough people go there and vote “No” on the question “Should Intelligent Design be taught in schools?” PZ Myers says you can raise his blood pressure a few points.

Next, I’ve noticed that Google keeps track of online reviews of Expelled. Currently, there are 13 positive reviews, 4 neutral reviews, and 8 negative reviews. I’d like to have faith in the proportion of people with brains who’ve seen the film being a little larger than that, so, if you were masochistic enough to sit yourself through that tedious movie, go here to write a review and hopefully we can increase the number of negative reviews just a tad.

Don’t let the small army of cdesign proponetsists that Mathis has raised continue to twist the truth. They can actively support that stupidity propaganda, but we can put the truth out there, eh.


2 responses to this post.

  1. LOL! 89.57% of respondents have voted “no” in that poll. 😀

  2. 94.09% now. 😀

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