Absurdity Bill Passed by Senate

Kudos to you, oh Florida.

“This is a freedom of speech issue.”

That was sarcasm, in case you haven’t already guessed by the content of the link. What I really think we should do is reject the Confederacy’s surrender and eject them from the Union so that the Bible Belt can go off, have their own constitution, and stop embarrassing us. They may have Disney World, we still have Disney Land.

What I’d like to say to the Florida lawmakers is this… why single out teachers who don’t believe in evolution for protection? Surely there’s other forms of scientific orthodoxy out there that must be questioned…

Heliocentricism (sun-centered model of the Solar System) is virtually unquestioned for some reason. Perhaps the Big Science conspiracy has a hold over the geocentricists too?

And why limit it to scientific orthodoxy? What about historical orthodoxy? Maybe the holocaust really was just a zionist plot!

Oops. You just pissed off the Jewish lobby. But for now, you’ve only pissed off the non-existent Atheist lobby. No worries, eh?

As for freedom of speech, while you’re at it, why not pass a bill that lets teachers teach their religious and political views as well. Considering the fact that most teachers are Liberals, I’m sure the religious right behind this wont mind in the slightest…


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by James T Kirk on April 24, 2008 at 5:22 am

    I’ll move to the New Confederacy

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