Why I Get Out of Bed in the Morning

I’ve been taking a lot of time on this blog to talk about Expelled. I’m sure that I could continue to debunk it, but it is getting a little tiresome to continue talking about it. Most people are actually intelligent enough to see through it (and it’s gotten bad reviews all over the place) so I suppose that I’m mostly satisfied that the truth is out there and it’s going to die quietly soon.

I imagine that most of my viewers (you mean all four of them? Naw… I appreciate y’all greatly…) are getting sick and tired of hearing me talk about that most recent well-funded piece of stupidity propaganda. So, I’ve decided to balance it out with a completely random musing about life as an Atheist.

Well, considering that Expelled made the claim that evolution leads to nihilism, I reckon you could see this as a response to that but…

Why do I get out of bed in the morning?

On most mornings, it’s because I have to. I have to go to school. I never want to go to that hell hole of anti-intellectualism, creationists, and general ignunce.

But even if I didn’t have school to go to, I’d probably only sleep for another hour before waking up to the view of sunlight out my window. My bed is rather comfortable and cozy, so why do I leave it?

Because… I get bored. Can you imagine how boring it would be to lay in my bed all day with nothing to do except stare at the picture of a bunny I taped onto my ceiling one night when I was high on caffeine and feeling random? I’d even rather watch Expelled again than do that, and Expelled was the most boring movie I have ever seen. I would rather go to school than stay in bed all day.

Even before I start to get bored, my mind begins to wander. I wonder what’s going on in the Atheist blogosphere. I realize that there are books on science on my bedroom floor that I haven’t yet gotten around to finishing. I get hungry and go downstairs to make something yummy.

Besides, there’s a whole universe out there. There’s a whole universe out there made of millions of galaxies made of millions of stars. Why would anyone confine themselves to the bed?

So, my friends who think that atheism leads to nihilism, why do we need non-secular reasons to get out of bed?

Nihilism is not sexy.

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