And Now to Complain About Expelled Propaganda…

There’s a wonderful proverb. “Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer.” That’s why I’m on the mailing list for Expelled. I need to know what they’re saying so that I can quickly respond to it.

Being on the mailing list automatically makes you a “friend” of Expelled.

Dear Friend of Expelled,

They’ve become enraged over it…
They’ve told movie theaters to reject it…
They’ve hurled false accusations against it…
They’ve bashed it in the press…


The most controversial film of 2008
Ben Stein’s “EXPELLED”
Opens on 1,000 movie screens this Friday, April 18!

Be there! We need your support!

Check HERE to see where EXPELLED is playing near you.

The EXPELLED controversy has catapulted to #1 most popular blog on the Internet (3/24/08) and #6 on Yahoo’s “Top Searches” (4/8/08), and driven 2,000,000 people to the movie website wondering,

“What is Ben Stein saying that has people so fired up?”

Ben Stein’s EXPELLED has struck a cultural NERVE as it exposes a modern day witch hunt in which scientists, educators and students are being persecuted because they dare to question Darwinism and argue that life may be the result of “intelligent design”.

As Ben takes on the world’s leading atheists, and their global agenda, the hilarious but sobering results make us realize, “It’s time to get involved!”


Stand with Ben Stein and support academic freedom by seeing EXPELLED.


Please forward this email to friends and contacts!


Paul Lauer
CEO, Motive Entertainment

They said one true thing. I am enraged over Expelled, but it hasn’t got anything whatsoever to do with me wanting to limit free speech or me wanting people to not question “scientific dogma”. Scientific progress is only made through questioning what we know, building upon it, and discarding that which is disproved. I would fully support Expelled if it actually were making the case that scientific progress was being halted. Granted, I have not seen the film for myself yet. What I can comment on is what they’ve done so far.

The behaviour of the Expelled folks outside of the film suggests that they’re hypocrites.

The means they used to obtain interviews from Michael Shermer, PZ Myers, and Richard Dawkins are a bit… sketchy. Had they known that they were being interviewed for a cdesign proponentist film, they wouldn’t have done it. Not because they are hiding anything, but because you can pretty much guarantee that the cdesign proponetists would have edited it dishonestly.

To avoid bad reviews, they no longer screened the film for critics.

Oh, but they still held screenings for Expelled… until PZ Myers showed up and got expelled (not like the Expelled folks were controlling information or anything…). This was a shame as I was signed up for one of the screenings… but meh…

XVIVO found out that they were stealing their animations of the cell.

But no matter how many missteps they make, they put a spin on the truth to make it seem like we’re trying to silence them. Bad reviews of Expelled? That’s because the Liberal media is out to get us! PZ Myers was expelled from our film? No, no… that’s because he’s a gate crasher!

No, we’re not trying to silence Expelled. I’m not going to burn theaters that show the film. I want to make this clear…

They have every right in the world to make a propaganda film. Just as we have every right in the world to expose it. Why am I complaining about it? Am I worried that they’re going to say something that will shake the foundations of science? Considering that Ben Stein is an actor, not a scientist, and he asks the question “how could the first cell pop into existence fully formed?” I’m not at all worried that he will make good points against evolution (though I’d actually be quite pleased if he did make some contribution towards science in finding something about evolution that really needs to be challenged).

What I’m worried about is the fact that his audience, people who are used to not questioning anything, aren’t going to see through his lies.

That’s why I’m fighting to get the truth out there. The only reason why Expelled is not just another film is because it is a propaganda film. I can’t silence them, and I don’t want to silence them. They have their free speech and I have mine.

This Friday, I’m planning on going to see it (without giving Ben Stein a single cent). Expect my review here and here on the Anti-Expelled Blogswarm.


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  1. I would very much like to attend the opening of this travesty, preferably with rotten tomatoes in hand, but unfortunately math and real learning take precedence over non-science, and I have a conference to go to on Friday and Saturday. I’m looking forward to your review and the blogswarm!

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