It’s Snowing… In April… Again…

We started getting a few stray flakes around noon today… now it’s coming down faster and thicker.

Anyway, I’d like to remind everybody that Expelled is coming out on Friday and you don’t have to give a cent to pig-faced Ben Stein to see it. At the very least, you can buy a stupid offset by donating money to the NCSE which will put it to good use supporting the teaching of… actual science.

Or, when you go to the theater, buy a ticket to another movie. Any movie. Tell them you want a ticket for Prom Night or something. Once they let you into the theater, don’t go to the theater where they’re showing a movie you bought the ticket to, go to the theater where they’re showing Expelled and have a jolly good time laughing at Stein’s ignunce.

Don’t buy any beverages at the concession stands as you are guaranteed to start cracking up as soon as he confused abiogenesis with evolution (which can’t take too long). You don’t want any cdesign proponentists in front of you getting mad for having soda unintentionally spat at them when you suddenly start laughing.


One response to this post.

  1. Eww, sorry, that’s on the List of Movies I Refuse to See. Along with Passion of the Christ.

    It’s for the best, I don’t think the other people in the theater would want me vomiting on them.

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