Ignunt Fool of the Week

Even though he’s already dropped out of the election (thank the FSM), this week’s ignunt fool of the week…

Mike Huckabee

You can also find the video here.

I have to hand it to him, I’ve seen far more ignunt things said about evolution. Huckabee’s not the first one to confuse evolution with abiogenesis. It’s easier for them to attack the origin of life instead of evolution. That would be because evolution is a fact, and abiogenesis is a theory.

As for him saying that scientists have to resort to aliens (I assume he means panspermia) to explain the origin of life, I can think of at least two books and one video in which Richard Dawkins says that he does not believe in panspermia off the top of my head (the books being River Out of Eden and The Ancestor’s Tale, and the video being one of his Royal Institution lectures in case you’re interested). Inconveniently, he mentioned panspermia as a possible way in which Intelligent Design would be correct, and the Expelled folks went ahead and made some (il)logical inferences to try to make Richard Dawkins look like an ignunt fool.

I think that it ought to be worth noting that the only way they can teach ID in schools without it violating the separation between church and state (see first amendment) would be to say that the intelligent designer was an alien.

Thankfully, this ignunt fool isn’t going to be our next president… Oh, I do not doubt that we may end up with another ignunt fool, but the evolution deniers are pretty much out.


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  1. Ugh. Actually, he’s coming to my college next week to give a talk. I wasn’t planning on attending, but maybe I’ll come with some rotten tomatoes…

  2. Posted by James T Kirk on April 11, 2008 at 8:46 pm

    My family was voting for that guy. Although they’d probably agree with what he said

  3. WTF. No wonder he lost. What scientist think we came from Aliens?

  4. Richard Dawkins apparently mentioned aliens as an example of a scientifically plausible example of intelligent design or something. The moviemakers pulled it out of context and made it seem as though Dawkins believed in flying saucers.

  5. By the way, we also had a presidential candidate who believed in flying saucers.

  6. Mike Huckabee should read Genesis: The Scientific Quest For Life’s Origin. Then again going by what he has stated about evolution and abiogenesis he might not understand the book.

    Abiogenesis is just life from non-life. How did the first self replication molecule arise, what was the chemistry etc. There are many hypotheses regarding this that have been proposed. It is still a young field.

  7. The book I mentioned above is written by Robert M. Hazen who is a scientist in the Geophysical laboratory of the Carnegie Insitution of Washing, where he conducts research in astrobiology.

    The teaching company http://www.teach12.com also have some lectures about abiogenesis. Very interesting.

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