It’s Snowing… In April

Apparently, according to my English teacher who has been alive longer than I have, it is supposed to be relatively normal to have blizzards in April. Not the first time I’ve seen it happen. Last year, when it started snowing in April, I joined a Jewish kid in singing “When it’s snowing in April God must be on crack” down the halls.

Gosh darn it, even if God gave us free will, you’d still expect him to give some order to every other aspect of our lives… i.e. the weather.

But whatever… I’ll just watch it accumulate and hope that my tree in the backyard fares well. I have three minutes to get to History…


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m in the Twin Cities and no snow yet. I hope you’ll forgive me for hoping it all hits you and misses me.

  2. Well, last year we got a huge sloppy blizzard in late April here in upstate New York, so I figure it’s only fair that this year it’s bright and sunny and I can walk around without a coat.

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