It’s My Fault Indonesia is Totalitarian

Before you upload an anti-Allah/Quran article, video, or cartoon, do think about whether the people affected by it will be able to view it. Or perhaps how much loss you’re about to cause the Web site and people who use it, that hosts the blasphemous content in Muslim countries.

So says this article.

That’s right. If I post something blasphemous on the Internet it’s my fault that the people in Muslim countries can’t view it. It is not at all because the government in Indonesia is being totalitarian and 1984-esque.

I don’t know if Techtree has ever heard of something called freedom of speech. The beauty of freedom of speech is that everyone has it (or should have the right to it, at least). If somebody uses that freedom of say something offensive, you get to use your freedom of speech to tell them why they’re wrong.

If Muslims really want to say that Fitna is wrong, the best thing they can do is send death threats to people who post the film stop supporting people who blow things up. Or, if they already don’t support people who blow things up, they can actively speak out against the people who blow things up.

Yes, I am well aware that moderate Muslims are out there, but it’s kind of hard to remember seeing as how silent they are. Moderates ought to answer for their extremists unless they want to get mis-represented.

Meanwhile, I’m posting a link to Fitna again on my blog so that it will be my fault of Indonesia blocks all of WordPress.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I find it really disturbing how easily even regular, “moderate” Muslims can be incited to violence or threats of violence. Several weeks ago a 15-year old London girl and a few of her friends left over TWO HUNDRED comments on my blog calling me a racist bitch, asking me where I live so they can come over and beat me up, threatening to “shove my head in a loo”, etc. “Religion of peace”, my ass — even fundie Christians are usually satisfied with empty threats of hellfire and brimstone and don’t feel the need to rearrange someone’s face.

  2. Posted by Ordinary Girl on April 11, 2008 at 4:48 am

    While I think that people are responsible not just for what they do, but for what they say, it’s stupid for someone to exonerate terrorists because “oh the poor widdle terrorists are only bad because people are mean to them.” Come on. There is a difference between saying you don’t like something and blowing it up.

    I can even sympathize with freedom fighting or revolution, but that doesn’t include blowing up innocent people. Those actions make a person evil. Wherever the line is, that’s clearly over it.

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