I love the idea of the new Asshats Feature on Deep Thoughts. It’s kind of like Ignunt Fool of the Week except it’s sort of limited to blogs. But no worries… there’s an unlimited supply of ignunt fools in the blogging world too.

This week’s asshat is… Atheism Speical. Any One May Respond. You Are Welcome.

Well, I feel welcomed… that is… I felt welcomed until I started scrolling down. So, here’s my response to this blog in no particular order, just responding to what I felt like responding to. I think I might have responded to everything, but I might not have…

One post titled “The Only Hope of An Atheist” says…

All that an atheist lives for is this wicked world.

Don’t be too surprised. The majority of the posts on that blog are that short… and that offensive to me as an Atheist.

Sure, the world really pisses me off sometimes. In this case, I’m pissed off with the world because this really is the common stereotype of an Atheist. Aside from fundies, creationists, and ignunt people in general, the world is pretty cool.

I have some really great friends, I’ve had some really great experiences, every other Sunday I get to go to a museum to share science with people, I have an optical telescope named Carl Sagan and a backyard radio telescope named Richard Dawkins that I get to explore the universe with, there are books to read, places to go… I just love the world, and the fact that I don’t believe I’m going to an afterlife doesn’t diminish its glory.

By the way, how can you be sure that you’re really going to the real afterlife? What if you find yourself in Muslim Hell, or Scientologist Hell, or Mormon Hell. Better yet, what if the Buddhists are right and you get reincarnated as an Atheist?

By the way, if you end up in any of the above Hells with me, I’ll be trying to organize a poker night and you’d be more than welcome to join us.

An At[h]eist Does Not Know Why He [or She] Is Here

No atheist knows why they are here on earth. They have no purpose in life.

I do know why I’m here… actually. The reason is my parents met and… some other stuff happened that we’re not going to get into. No, I don’t believe in any sort of a transcendental purpose or meaning in life… but I’ve taken it upon myself to create my own purpose. My purpose is to bring some light into the world before my proverbial candle extinguishes forever, and to enjoy the light while it lasts. I suppose running this blog kind of goes with that goal…

Grave Is The End Of An Atheist

Since grave is the end of an atheist he can only look for that for a future.

What is it with theists and poor grammar? Well… OK… I’d make a really terrible grammar-Nazi myself.

Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to still being alive and possibly going to the museum again. In three years, I look forward to leaving high school and possibly having my Associate of Science degree completed. Then, I will continue my studying until I’m educated enough to be a fancy-pants scientist. I hope to have a family sometime when I have money to support it and to raise my kids to be happy little buggers who think for themselves.

An Atheist Has No Norms To Live By

Atheists not only do not know why they are alive, but also they do not know how to live as they do not have any norms to live by. So each one decides for himself/herself how to live! (If you are an atheist it will be very refreshing to read Ps.14 in the Bible. Read also my exchanges with an atheist guru reproduced in the blog here.)

Um… yeah. I do decide how to live. Your book was written by… well… other men (unless God really does support slavery, stoning people for their sexual orientation, killing people for saying his name out loud) and if you’re going to let other humans tell you how to live your life then… what’s the point? I like the way I’ve decided to live my life.

An Atheist Has No Shelter

An atheist takes shelter in his [or her] own shadow!

This one was a bit confusing to me. Physically speaking, I do have a house. Obviously, there’s some sort of… proverbial meaning to shelter in this context so I turned to the Oxford English Dictionary for help.

Under the figurative usages it provided this quote from John Smith.

The shadow of your most noble vertues..under which I hope to have shelter, against all stormes that dare threaten.

Despite the awesome power of Google, I was unable to find the context in which these words were spoken. I guess it’s a bit of a dead end…

If shelter is supposed to be taken to mean comfort from the “wicked world” then… I don’t need God as a shelter. I have communities of friends who help me feel better about the ignunt fools who piss me off.

If shadow is supposed to mean my accomplishments, then I think that I’ve accomplished a lot so far… for being 15 that is… I expect to accomplish quite a bit more in the decades I’ve got left.

Atheists Are So Confident

Atheists are so confident that every thing about man is over with death! How could any one be so confident about what is to happen in the future?

Easy… People die every day, unfortunately. Not one of them has come back from the dead or demonstrated continued existence after their death. I wish that I weren’t finite, but I’ve accepted it and decided to make the most of my finiteness.

Atheist Has No Answer

An atheist has no answer to the riddles of life. He [or she] does not have an answer to the problem of evil.

Figurative language is great, but sometimes it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Any specific riddles of life you want answered? One of the greatest of us was brilliant enough to come up with the answer to all of them… 42.

Just kidding.

OK, fine. Life is really confusing and irksome sometimes. Neither the Bible, Koran, Book of Mormon, or Dianetics really helped out. If they really were full of wisdom I’d think things would make more sense even if I didn’t have to believe in it.

I present to you a quote from Epicurus. This was the logic proof that I came up with a version of in pre-school that originally made me an Atheist.

Is God willing to prevent evil but not able?

Then he is impotent.

IS God able to prevent evil but not willing?

Then he is malevolent.

Is God both able to prevent evil and willing?

Then whence cometh evil?

Is God both unable to prevent evil and unwilling?

Then why call him God?

Is that the problem of evil that you’re talking about? In that case, it’s your problem to provide an answer for.

Atheists Are No Different

No one has ever lived upto his/her own conscience. Atheists are no different!

Oh. My. God. You actually acknowledged the existence of female Atheists. I exist! Finally!

No… I don’t suppose anybody has ever been able to be all that they can be. But, that has nothing to do with what is true. The way I see it, since I know I only have a finite existence, I’m going to make the most of it. If I thought I’d have an eternity in heaven to chillax… well, that would be different.

To Err Is Human

There is no difference. Whether we are theists or atheists, we have all done wrong at some time or the other. No one could forget that some of our mistakes have grave consequences!

This is no news to me. I’d like to point out that if you’re wondering how Atheists get their morals, it’s because we know that our actions have consequences.

Atheism Is Ideal

Atheism is ideal if one could be absolutely sure that there is no God. But who could be absolutely sure? On what grounds?

You got me! I’m agnostic on a technicality. That technicality being that you can’t disprove the deist god. Text-based gods who interfere in the world and make miracles and jazz are easy to disprove. Find a contradiction in the text. You can find many just by going through the book, or better yet, referring to the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible.

Also, there’s not proof of God. You probably don’t believe in dancing green unicorns on Altair 4. Why? On what grounds? Have you been to Altair 4?

An Atheist Does Not Know

An atheist does not know where he came from. Therefore he just has to assume that he came from monkey.

Wrong. I shared a common ancestor with a monkey, but I’m closer to Homo erectus. Do you have a problem with evolution? I don’t. To think that all this diversity and awesomeness came about through something as simple as natural selection is really amazing.

Atheists Depend Upon Themselves

No man ever had a choice to be born! No one ever knows when death will strike(unless, ofcourse, one is planning for a suicide)! Yet our atheist friends depend on themselves for the life in-between!!!

I depend upon myself, yes, but I also have fellow human beings to help me out when life is being irksome. I don’t know when death will strike… Hell, I might not finish this blog post, but I most likely will post it. I figure I’ll have high blood pressure as it runs in my family.

An Atheist Is Proud

An atheist is very proud when he says that he actually emerged from a MONKEY! Could we possibly think that some among them(thank God, not all!) behave like brutes because of their origin?

Again, no. We didn’t come from monkeys. We shared a common ancestor with a monkey. I am not a monkey. You are not a monkey. We’re related, though. I have yet to see a human (Atheist or otherwise) who behaves like a monkey, and just because our species had a lowly origin doesn’t mean that I think I should act like my origin.

Can Life Emerge From Matter?

Atheists say that life emerged from matter. Is at all possible?

DNA certainly did. Once you have a self-replicating molecule, it is automatically going to be subjected to natural selection. DNA molecules that are better at replicating themselves become more numerous. Those that are good at building cells that are better at surviving become more numerous. If DNA can build a multi-cellular life form it will survive better. Billions of year later, here we are. I know, that was an over-simplified version. I can recommend some literature on evolution to you if you’re interested.

Atheists Are Wise In Their Own Eyes

But the Bible calls them fools (Ps.14:1). Please read in the blog here my email exchanges with an atheist guru who claims to have a best-seller on the subject.

As that exchange didn’t involve me, I haven’t got much to say about it. I don’t really care if the Bible calls me a fool. It’s just another book. A Nazi could write a book that says that I’m inferior because I’m half Chinese.
Granted, I do Ignunt Fool of the Week on here, but I always provide reasons for why they’re fools. If somebody believes something silly, there’s evidence that it’s a silly belief. Do you want to tell me why I’m a fool?

What Do You Think?

If someone has to say, “there is no piece of magnet anywhere in this room” that person must know whatever is in that room. Is in’t it?

If that is so, how could any one possibly say that there is no god in the universe without knowing everything that is in the universe? Is it possible at all? So what Ps.14:1 says must be true! What do you think?

Sure, any one could say, “I don’t know if there is a God or not”. One could also say, “I do not believe in God” or even say, “I do not have God in my life”. I think one need not verbalize such things as life itself speaks clearly. Tell us what you think

I don’t believe in dancing unicorns on Altair 4. I also don’t believe in the deist god. If Yahweh existed, then presumably Yahweh would not only have created us but would also be interfering with our lives, doing miracles, etc. Again, I’m agnostic on the technicality that you can’t disprove the deist god who wouldn’t be worth believing in anyway.
By the way, how do you know that Buddha, Ba’al, Apophis, Ra, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster don’t exist if you don’t know the entire universe?
Are You An Atheist?
If you are an atheist you need not tell it out as your life speaks louder.
I needn’t? Meh…

One response to this post.

  1. Great response. I noticed as I browsed his website and read your quotes of this fella that most of his arguments are simply philosophical points of view that arise from him not understanding anything outside of his own religion. Case in point: Epicureanism (great use of the Riddle of Epicurus btw) implies morals can be achieved through justice and consequence, as you mentioned. I would say Xians are kept honest through divine consequence, whereas atheists are kept honest by through laws. Different path, same result.

    Plus, this guy’s entire argument against evolution goes out the window when he says that atheists believe we came from monkeys. Clearly he is not educated in what exactly evolution is, so why would he think he can argue against it? He is not just an asshat, but ignunt as well. Clearly.

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