Epic Fail!

With enemies like these, who needs friends?”

-The Evolved Rationalist

This morning, I was reading up some more on PZ’s latest adventure.

I started reading some of the comments on Evolved & Rational’s account of the teleconference and… it was just too hilarious not to share.

First, a person going by the name of “creationist” left a comment, believing that the Evolved Rationalist was Shalini Sehkar! Oh lordie, that in itself was hilarious.

The point here is that the Darwinist Shalini was being unethical when she sneaked into the ID teleconference to spew her hate on this hate site.

Thanks for proving our point, Shalini!!!!

And then he came along again and made another spontaneous, delirious comment.

Shalini is a GATECRASHER just like PZ MEYERS!!

Followed by a few more jewels.

Shalini, why did you GATECRASH???

Darwinists crash into a private conference to persecute creationists!!!!

Shalini is an evil Darwinist!!!

And of course…

We are being persecuted by Darwinists like Shalini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We heard a few voices of reason. One from sciencefreak.

Creationist, stop being a dick and stop spamming. This site has nothing to do with Shalini.

And one from The Watcher.

What’s the matter, Creationist? Are you afraid of “teaching both sides?”

Creationist was still hanging around and made another redundant, delirious comment.

The matter is that Shalini gatecrashed. It’s not right, and Darwinists like her are claiming that we are being dishonest!!! Liar!!!

Cetacea, who would continue commenting until the Creationist was safely tucked back into bed said…

Creationist… I’m finding it very hard for me to believe that you’re not really an evolutionist who’s being satirical.

“Shalini is a GATECRASHER just like PZ MEYERS!!”

Seriously. It’s not funny. Shut up about this entirely unrelated blogger being Shalini or present whatever crummy evidence you’ve got.

Call PZ and Dawkins gatecrashers all you want. The makers of Expelled are just demonstrating their personal desire to control information even though they’re making a film making it seem like the evolutionists are controlling information.

“We are being persecuted by Darwinists like Shalini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Go ahead and whine about being ‘persecuted’. The evolutionists are the ones who are having lies spread about them in this well-funded propaganda film.

Behold… Creationist had irrefutable evidence!

This is Shalini’s FAMOUS writing style this proves it okay, you Darwinist liars!! I have evidence, now why the gatecrash??

I am a scientist at AiG!

Evolved Rationalist finally came along.

Creationist, you need to get back on your meds. You’re getting delirious.

Cetacea pointed out how crappy the evidence he provided was, and just how credible AiG scientists were with rational people, but… behold! The Creationist had more evidence!

This is my evidence:

1. The theistard word
2. Gene pool Nazi Darwinism!!!!
3. Science worshipping
4. Arrogant Darwinist Shalini!!!!!!

Quickly debunked by Cetacea.

1. The theistard word
… is a meme.
2. Gene pool Nazi Darwinism!!!!
Evolved and Rational is a Nazi? Shalini was a Nazi? You need evidence for THIS as well.
3. Science worshipping
Heh. I worship science too. I guess I must be Shalini.
4. Arrogant Darwinist Shalini!!!!!!
Granted, Evolved and Rational is arrogant (sorry) but so are loads of other bloggers.

Then came Evolved Rationalist again in a comment in which she said the shining quote now at the top of this post. But, Creationist was unsatisfied. He kept rambling about anti-God darwinist nazis. He redundantly said that because Evolved and Rational was pro-evolution and anti-God it was therefore run by Shalini. Cetacea gave him a link to Planet Atheism

but he still kept rambling. In a continued state of delirium he announced that he would start a blog.

Since nobody is listening to me here, yes it is SHALINI SEHKAR EXPOSED, I will start a blog to EXPOSE this lunatic mad DArwinist science worshipper of a LIAR for SCIENCE PERSECUTION to expose HER LIES!!

Cetacea wished him well…


Have fun with that. I have no objections to alleged AiG scientists wasting time that they could be spending polluting young minds. That is… if you are one…

The Evolved Rationalist told him off again.

Cretinous theistard, what makes you think that my real name is ‘Shalini Sehkar’? Why don’t you provide some evidence to your inane claims?

**I have a really liberal comment policy here, but further incoherant rantings from ‘creationist’ on this ‘real name’ issue will be deleted unless he/she/it comes up with actual evidence. Stop spamming and stick to the damn topic, will you, creationist?**

And then Creationist said possibly the stupidest thing possible if you’re trying to aggravate an Atheist.

Fine, I will leave, but I know the truth. I will pray for you. When I first heard that Shalini closed Scientia Natura I wished she died and went to hell to pay for all her blasphemy but I cannot stand that she is still here now LYING and GATECRASHING!!!!!!!!!!

Evolved Rationalist, you are just like Richard Dawkins, deserve each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh lordie! The Evolved Rationalist thanked him for the compliment. The Creationist was actually confused.

What compliment????????????????????????

An Anonymous person came along and posted this picture.

epic fail!

And Cetacea got the last comment of the whole amusing battle.

“What compliment????????????????????????”

What is it with you and excessive punctuation????????????????????????

As hilarious as that was to read, I think that the Creationist is a perfect example of somebody who’s very thoughts are reeking with propaganda from Expelled. It’s quite a shame that something like Expelled which has such poor logic has succeeded already in linking the words atheist, evolution, and Nazi. Creationist, AiG scientist or not, is just an example of what we will continue to see in greater numbers once the film is released. People convinced that all atheists are Nazis.

On the Expelled website they openly say that the entire premise of the film is “Many scenes are centered around the Berlin Wall, and Ben Stein being Jewish actually visits many death camps and death showers. In fact, Nazi Germany is the thread that ties everything in the movie together. Evolution leads to atheism leads to eugenics leads to Holocaust and Nazi Germany.”

As laughable as that is, the people who are sympathetic to the film, the people who are used to believing lies without asking for evidence, are just going to eat it right up and regurgitate it all over the place.


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  1. […] may remember the above quote from this post I did about him. Even after losing so horribly due to lack of ability to provide evidence (a common […]

  2. Posted by Charlie on May 20, 2008 at 4:22 pm

    Oh, so Evolved Rationalist is Shalini Sehkar! How could I not have realized this sooner?

    Shalini is back! YAY!

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