Ignunt Fool of the Week!

Alright, provided I don’t forget, this will become a regular thing on my blog. Random facts are fun but hard to come up with. There is no end to the supply of ignunt fools. Even when I run into blog-writer’s-block, I will have a good superfluous supply of ignunt fools to point to… provided I don’t forget that I’m doing this. So, check back every Friday! Friday is a good day.

This week’s ignunt fool of the week is…


Mike Hallet

See that rock he’s standing next to? That’s not actually a rock. That’s a Halletestoneion Zoria. In other words a rock sea dragon which apparently is 540 million years old. Around the skull, he also found several pointy rocks teeth which are made of calcite which is calcium proving that they are teeth!

And now I know what the inside of a rock Halletestoneion tooth looks like.

His book is a great work of science, filled with his analyses of the rocks Halletestoneions that are so advanced I can’t figure out how he came to those conclusions. A quote from it that bowled me over…

Shattering All previous records With Age And Size Halletestoneions are the worlds oldest Biology is Also the worlds most Advanced Biology.

It’s in his book. Seriously.

And now, I’ve gotta wonder… Even the people who see faces in the rocks on Mars (I see it too, and I don’t think much more of it than the smiley face crater) wouldn’t think that those rocks look remotely like dinosaur skulls (or would they?). This man is deluded not in the religious sense, but in the psychiatrist’s use of the word (though religious people can fall under the psychiatrist use too). Also, I doubt that this guy could do all this by himself. Somebody had to be holding the camera for him.

Does this man have friends? Do these friends know that he’s mentally disturbed? If so, it’s their responsibility to not allow him to dwell in his fantasies. They ought to get him the help he needs, however harmless his delusions might be to others.

Update: I think they’re serious. I took the liberty of e-mailing them and said…

I’m curious about how many people are working on this project with you, who they are, and how they got involved.

The reply…

Dear Fish, about 12 major contributers so far in time and money. They have had an open mind and field experience at the zoria graveyards. One must not dissmiss this discovery using dinosaur technology. The proof is in the repeating biological structures. We will soon post such specimens on the site. We have a current lab in Kaysville, Ut. for anyone who is serious about an in depth look and personalized explanation from Mike himself. We have had 5,000 hits from 57 countries on our web site the last 2 days. Ron McEwen, Hallettestoneion Research Project

I’m not sure how I should feel about being called ‘Fish.’


3 responses to this post.

  1. You know, if you want to believe, your will see the worst evidence as absolutely conclusive. For another example of someone discovering (gasp) rock, go to the BASE Institute web site and up their discovery of Noah’s Ark. It’s the saddest thing I have ever seen, yet a student of mine insisted that it was real. It’s clearly a large rock. Clearly.


  2. Holy crap! Most blatant misuse of jargon since “What the Bleep.”

    Did they do their own video editing? Because at first I thought someone was using video editing to make fun of them.

  3. I’m not sure how I should feel about being called ‘Fish.’

    I read Your Inner Fish, so I wouldn’t find it insulting. If you haven’t already, I would recommend it to anyone.

    FYI, I came here via BA’s post on your critique of creationism, and have added you to my blogroll. There’s some excellent stuff here.

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