I Went Science Happy

For your information, here’s a brief list of things that science is greater than…

Science > Religion

Science > Pie

Science > Oprah

Science > Chuck Norris

Science > Non-stick frying pans

Science > Italy

Science > UFOs

Science > UFO abductees

Science > Richard Dawkins (blasphemy, I know… send the Atheist Inquisition after me if you really want…)

Science > Horses

Science > Captain James Tiberius Kirk

Science > Jesus Christ

Science > Sex

Science > NASA

Science > Magnets

Science > Flush Toilets

Science > The Secret

Science > Chinese Medicine

Science > Philosophy

Science > Fruit Flies that evolve into Daleks

Science > Harry Potter


3 responses to this post.

  1. It appears that nothing is better than science. But a ham sandwich is better than nothing…

    Ah, well, that just proves that science isn’t better than math.

  2. Posted by splendidelles on March 9, 2008 at 3:04 am

    Science > Science 😛

  3. Oh yeah? Try this:

    Science > Art

    Whoops, hold on, let me try – again –

    Science > Painting

    Dang, my keyboard is screwed up or something.

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